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Happy Thanksgiving 2009


Poor Mason

I don't know what is wrong with my little wee one. He went from this quite calm baby to a screamer and a crier overnight, and it has been about a week now. At first we thought it might be Colic/Reflux, since Callan went through that for his entire first year, and they say it is hereditary. But Mason really does not have any signs of that. He is a good eater, if anything, he can't get enough. He burps good most of the time, and there is minimal spit up. He does cough more than I would like after feeding, and almost every time he will get the hiccups. But I think the Colic/Reflux thing is a non-issue. So there will be two or three periods a day where Mason will just cry and scream bloody murder if you are not holding him. Nothing will soothe him during these times except being held. And if we let him cry a bit he gets so worked up. When we eventually get him to calm down, and to sleep most of the time, then he wakes up fine and is fine for hours and hours until his next "f…

Notes For 11/07/2009

* What does the word blog stand for? What a strange word. Blog blog blog. Blah blah blah.

* We've decided it is time to start trying to potty train Callan. He lets us know when his diaper wet and he knows the training potty is for sitting on. So, we shall see how it goes. Any tips?

* Took Callan to the park to play since it was so incredibly nice out. The park was packed with kids and their parents. We had to leave after about 5 minutes because some parents could not hold off on puffing on their cigarettes. Ok, I know a lot of people who smoke, and to each their own, but c'mon! Smoking at a playground packed full of kids? Honestly.

* Tired of hearing my hubby complain all the time about his injuries. I mean I understand and I feel bad for him....but why can't they fix him??? I am not a fan of the VA.

Birth Vs. Birth

Once you have second (or third or fourth) child, it gets you thinking how different each pregnancy, and birth, is. My first pregnancy was smooth sailing. No morning sickness, no problems at all, except Gestational Diabetes, which was controlled by diet. You would not have even known I was preggers, except for my swollen belly!

I did not get that big with Callan, either. So I might have just looked plump to some people. LOL. At 39 weeks I was induced. I had lost my plug, was dilated to a one, having contractions, but nothing else was progressing. So we induced. And all was going well. My water broke, made it to 5cm, and then all hell broke loose. Baby's heart stopped and started and stopped and started, so I was rushed in to do an emergency c-section. They were quick about it (very military!), and it was rough and painful and I was miserable afterward, but I had my miracle boy, and he was just fine. So, pretty easy pregnancy, a little bit of troubled birth, and a hard baby. He had C…

From The Mouth Of Callan

My husband and I are potty mouths. He was a soldier, and get a bunch of soldiers together and even the toughest broad would blush, LOL. And I am worse than my husband. I know, not very lady-like, but *shrugs*. We try very very hard not to swear in front of the kids, especially right now when Callan is at the age where he is picking up new words everyday and taking it all in. His first swear was the S word. He would say it over and over and over. We tried to scold him, but he kept at it. One day he looked at me, pointed to the couch and yelled "Sit!", which was how the S word sounded. And then it dawned on me. He was really literally saying sit, not the S word! And he did pick it up from me. He has a habit of standing on chairs, and we are constantly having to tell him to "sit on your butt!". So that was one swear situation we avoided. But there are others.....he has called me a Dumb A**. That is one he picked up from his dad. And no I don't mean Jason has calle…

30 Bit Me In The Butt

As I have previously mentioned, I turned 30 recently. For most women, 30 is not as big a deal as, say, 40. But it was for me. It was like, okay, I am 30 years old, and what have I done with my life? Nothing. Ok, yes, I have borne two beautiful children and been a faithful loving wife, but is that all I am, a mama and a wife? And as big, as huge, as successful and triumphant the births of my children is for that all I was put on this Earth to do? Is that my identity? Mother. And if so, I am truly happy with that. My sons are my biggest accomplishment. It was a long road to get to them. And I made it. But...besides doing the most wonderful thing in the world, what else have I done? Where has my life gone? Is there more for me out there? And why should I want more than what I've got? I am blessed beyond words with what I have got in my life. Why do I feel like I've accomplished nothing? Maybe this is some sort of depression setting in. But....I am I am 30 y…


Today is November 1st, 2009. Exactly one month ago I turned 30 years old. Sixteen days ago I gave birth to my second son, Mason, via repeat c-section. My first son, Callan, is 20 months old today. Maybe I am having a little postpartum depression, maybe not. But I need something new, something for me. So I decided to start blogging again. I used to blog faithfully. I blogged about my struggle with infertility, and then I blogged about our triumph, and blogged through my whole first pregnancy. I blogged through the first year of our firstborn's life. And then I got pregnant (surprise!!) this second time, and I kinda fell off the blogging wagon during most of the pregnancy. But a lot was going on besides being pregnant. My hubby is an Army veteran and was (and still is) dealing with a service connected disability. We had just recently moved back to Minnesota after living in Texas for 5 years. We had to move in with my parents (ugh!) and were working on getting a place of our own, whi…