Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poor Mason

I don't know what is wrong with my little wee one. He went from this quite calm baby to a screamer and a crier overnight, and it has been about a week now. At first we thought it might be Colic/Reflux, since Callan went through that for his entire first year, and they say it is hereditary. But Mason really does not have any signs of that. He is a good eater, if anything, he can't get enough. He burps good most of the time, and there is minimal spit up. He does cough more than I would like after feeding, and almost every time he will get the hiccups. But I think the Colic/Reflux thing is a non-issue. So there will be two or three periods a day where Mason will just cry and scream bloody murder if you are not holding him. Nothing will soothe him during these times except being held. And if we let him cry a bit he gets so worked up. When we eventually get him to calm down, and to sleep most of the time, then he wakes up fine and is fine for hours and hours until his next "fit". We've checked his temperature numerous times, and there are no other signs he might be sick. He is always checked for a dirty diaper, fed, burped, made sure he is not too hot or too cold, etc. So basically there is no reason for him to have these crying episodes. And I know sometimes babies just cry, but these are not just little whimpers, these are full on screams, freak outs, fits. Normally these periods are during the day, but a few times it is at night time. We swaddle Mason and I even started to co-sleep with him, even though I have been against that in the past. It took me an hour last night at 2am to get him to calm down. What could be going on? I might just end up taking him in to the pediatrician, even though there are no signs of anything really wrong, just to see what the doc has to say. Sigh. I thought I was getting away with an easy baby this second time around! Ha! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


  1. I guess I would load up and head to the doctor. My first thought was Colic too.

  2. Well, if you're breastfeeding, maybe it's something you're eating that he's allergic to... my sisters used to have terrible problems with their babies getting colic, before they figured out they have allergies to wheat and corn. Maybe you could get him tested to see if that's what's wrong, that's my first guess because of what my sisters experienced.


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