Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From The Mouth Of Callan

My husband and I are potty mouths. He was a soldier, and get a bunch of soldiers together and even the toughest broad would blush, LOL. And I am worse than my husband. I know, not very lady-like, but *shrugs*. We try very very hard not to swear in front of the kids, especially right now when Callan is at the age where he is picking up new words everyday and taking it all in. His first swear was the S word. He would say it over and over and over. We tried to scold him, but he kept at it. One day he looked at me, pointed to the couch and yelled "Sit!", which was how the S word sounded. And then it dawned on me. He was really literally saying sit, not the S word! And he did pick it up from me. He has a habit of standing on chairs, and we are constantly having to tell him to "sit on your butt!". So that was one swear situation we avoided. But there are others.....he has called me a Dumb A**. That is one he picked up from his dad. And no I don't mean Jason has called me a Dumb A**, but he calls other people that, especially while driving. And when Callan did it, it was the perfect setting and perfect timing, not to mention perfect pronunciation. I laughed at the time, it was funny. And he has not done that one since. But now his new word is the F word, which to me is the worst. This is one swear that we really really try not to use in front of him. And he has been saying it a lot lately....and to be honest we are not sure that that is the word he is saying, but it really sounds like it. The other day Callan got it down pat though. He was playing with one of his toys and it broke and he said "Oh F...." In all the years I have known Jason (16 years!) I have never ever seen him so shocked. If I would of known that moment was going to happen and the look on my husband's face, I would have had a camera ready. It was classic. Perfect timing for Callan. And then today in the car it was F..., F..., F... over and over. And like I said, we are unsure if that is the word he is intending, so we try to get him to pronounce other words that sound like it, like Frog, Fog, Truck. And most times he repeats those words...but then ultimately goes back to F... So I don't know. From the mouths of babes I guess. And apparently Mama & Daddy still need to watch their mouths!

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  1. That is rather funny... To be honest, I also can tend to swear too. But I have managed so far to not ever swear in front of my kids (or at least not that they have heard.)

    I don't curse on my blog though... so don't tell anyone I swear in real life. LOL


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