Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birth Vs. Birth

Once you have second (or third or fourth) child, it gets you thinking how different each pregnancy, and birth, is. My first pregnancy was smooth sailing. No morning sickness, no problems at all, except Gestational Diabetes, which was controlled by diet. You would not have even known I was preggers, except for my swollen belly!

I did not get that big with Callan, either. So I might have just looked plump to some people. LOL. At 39 weeks I was induced. I had lost my plug, was dilated to a one, having contractions, but nothing else was progressing. So we induced. And all was going well. My water broke, made it to 5cm, and then all hell broke loose. Baby's heart stopped and started and stopped and started, so I was rushed in to do an emergency c-section. They were quick about it (very military!), and it was rough and painful and I was miserable afterward, but I had my miracle boy, and he was just fine. So, pretty easy pregnancy, a little bit of troubled birth, and a hard baby. He had Colic from the get-go, and we dealt with his reflux until he was a year old.

Second pregnancy was a "uh oh" and a "Surprise!!!" since we needed no help the second time around, when the first time we were going through fertility treatments and had been dealing with the infertility for almost five years, and at one point were told we would never ever have kids. And then with medical help, we got our miracle. The second time God intervened and poof!, I was preggers without even trying. And the pregnancy was rough. Morning sickness with a vengeance, uncomfortable all the time, just miserable. And huge!! Are we sure it is not twins?We had scheduled a repeat c-section. I was kind of happy about that. I would not have to go through labor again! Ten hours of labor the first time around was enough for one lifetime for me! But at 38 weeks, I spontaneously went into labor. And so, we rushed to do the c-section, but this time it was not emergent. It was smooth and slow, and easy and blissful. I got to enjoy it and see my baby and watch what was happening. All was calm, and so not military! (Yes, having experienced both a military birth and a civilian birth, I prefer the latter!) And so from a hard pregnancy to an easy birth, and knock on wood, so far an easy baby. And now I am done. I've been "fixed". I got to do it all....hard pregnancy, easy pregnancy, hard birth, easy birth, hard baby, easy baby. I did not miss out anything! Except the pushing part. And I am perfectly happy with that! ;)


  1. I'm glad you are so at peace with your decision! That has to be a good feeling!

  2. I had a great pregnancy, but at 30 weeks I went into preterm labor. I had 7 weeks of bed rest, but my daughter's birth was just fine! She was a cranky baby though, with major reflux problems.

    That's why we have one child! LOL!


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