Monday, December 31, 2018

Vitamin Friends - New For The #NewYear2019

Vitamin Friends’ Just Focus harnesses Phosphatidylserine (PS), a clinically proven nutrient, to support and improve mind and body performance in children and adults of all ages. PS is a building block of our body’s cells. It is responsible for communication between brain cells for maximum cognitive performance. Just Focus harnesses this nutrient to support a variety of mind and body health benefits in people of all ages.
For Cognitive Excellence
Lipids are a major component of our brains. A full 60% (dry weight) of our brain is made of lipids, and phospholipids are among the most important of them. Compared to other organs, PS is especially prevalent in the brain. For example, PS makes up only about 3% of liver and heart phospholipids, whereas it makes up 18% of the phospholipids in the brain. This high level of PS in the brain highlights its importance for proper brain structure and function.

For an Improved Exercise Experience
While PS is known mostly for its ability to help improve cognitive skills, there are also other benefits. Over the years, a number of clinical studies that tested the effects of PS on exercise showed that intake of PS enhances the exercise experience by improving several different outcomes. These include significant improvements to endurance (which can boost peak performance) and recovery, reduced muscle soreness.

For Mood Improvement
PS naturally eases negative moods that may occur from time to time in response to life’s stressors. PS, a natural lipid that is part of our body, is clinically proven to improve mood. It was shown to reduce the increase in a hormone,cortisol, which naturally occurs as part of the body’s reaction to negative mood changes. Your cortisol level increases when a you become gloomy or experience a low mood.

For Stress Reduction
Daily stress, whether caused by a mental or physical event or situation, results in physical effects in the body, one of the most noted being an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol. High levels of cortisol, especially over a long period of time, can have many harmful effects on the body, such as blood sugar imbalance and diabetes, weight gain and obesity, suppression of the immune system, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Promotes Youthful Skin
PS benefits the skin via two mechanisms that are different but complementary to one another. The first mechanism found in animal studies relates to the way in which PS increases the levels of internal collagen production. Collagen is a protein which is the structural basis of skin. Reduction in collagen formation results in skin wrinkling, drying and deformation.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

NuWave Brio - New For The #NewYear2019

With the NuWave Brio, all of your favorite fried foods taste the way they should, without any extra fat. With no oily mess to soak and scrub, the NuWave Brio is the new and healthy way to enjoy fried foods without any of the guilt. The NuWave Brio can even save you money while saving you calories. No more wasting money on fast food or supplies for deep-frying at home. Instead, you can efficiently air-fry your favorite foods with less fat and calories but with the same great taste!
The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer comes with an advanced digital display that includes a digital timer with a built-in automatic shutoff function. Unlike other analog air fryers, the NuWave Brio has an advanced LCD display that tells you the exact temperature that your meals are being cooked at. There is no need to mess around with the analog dial or guess the cooking temperature. With the advanced NuWave Brio, it takes the guesswork out of cooking with its easy one-touch digital controls. The 6-quart NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer is perfect for making large batches of your favorite fried food. It combines hot air with high-speed air circulation to cook quickly and efficiently. The non-stick fry pan basket is free of PFOA, safer and healthier than other similar products. Superior technology makes cooking with the Brio easy and fun!

Check it all out at NuWave on Facebook, as well as NuWave on Twitter.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Scepter SmartControl Gas Can - New For The #NewYear2019

Introducing a new generation of gas cans featuring the Scepter SmartControl easy pour spout! The SmartControl system offers customers ease of use in a durable design, with an added layer of protection. The SmartControl delivers fast fills without spills. The easy-push and controllable flow makes filling everything from lawn mowers to recreational vehicles a cleaner, safer, better experience.

Scepter was the first to introduce a blow-moulded polyethylene fuel container in the late 1950s. And, they were among the first to introduce a full line of CARB and OTC compliant fuel containers. Their environmentally friendly containers reduce smog-forming emissions and spills. Their Eco fuel containers provide self-venting, self-regulating spouts, and child resistant closure caps.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Sign Here - New For The #NewYear2019

Sign Here by Gabrielle Djanogly

About The Book:
Endorsed by the Department of Effective Parenting and the Society for Creative Solutions, this collection of Very Official Forms offers a delightfully original way to help kids communicate their deepest feelings, desires, and secrets. It’s hard to apologize. It’s hard to say thank you. Sometimes it’s even hard to invite someone over for a birthday party. This cleverly designed, slyly bureaucratic collection of “forms” makes dealing with these childhood issues a great deal less awkward and a whole lot more fun. Issued in impressively official script and language by the Department of Regret, Remorse, and Reconciliation, the Union of Childhood Revenue, the Ministry of Dreams, and other indispensable offices, these forms help kids say some of the hard stuff: “I’ve eaten the last piece of…,” “You’re the best sister in the world,” “Thank you for buying me stuff I need,” “Thank you for buying me stuff I don’t need.” And, because it’s important to record even your most private feelings, there are forms to verify that one’s parents are, indeed, aliens; that the surprise birthday gift was not actually a surprise; that you had a really scary dream; and other conundrums not easily expressed in person. Highly adaptable to meet the needs and desires of any boy or girl, these forms can be endlessly photocopied - and of course filed away by parents and grandparents for future reminiscences and chuckles.

About The Author:
Gabrielle Djanogly is a milliner and writer of children’s books.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Back In The Swing In 2019

Well I'll be the first to admit that as for my blog, 2018 was not the best year. I let a lot of things go, and I can sit here and give all the excuses in the world, such as my health and the heart issues I faced. But, the truth is, my heart wasn't in it - no pun intended. But 2019 will be different. I intend to get back in the swing of things! And bring it back to it's glory. Not that my blog really had any glory, ha ha. But I do have some faithful readers, and people who enjoyed reading it, and participating in all the fun things!

So I'm glad you stuck around. It'll be some work to build it back up, and get it going in the right direction again, but that is what I aim to do! So here we go! And thanks for sticking around for the ride!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Teaching Your Kids Good Safety Habits

Since the moment you brought your brand-new infant home from the hospital, you have done everything you can to be sure your home was safe. You covered the electrical outlets, turned the pot handles back so curious hands couldn't pull them off the stove and invested in locks for the cabinets.

Now that your children are getting older, you are broadening your safety-first mindset to other issues like how to handle strangers coming to the door, rules related to the phone, social media and more. While you know that you have to teach your kids about these concerns, your kids are at an age where they can handle some of these situations on their own, and you want to be sure they develop solid safety habits.

With this in mind, the following tips and ideas can help you to teach your kids how to think of safety first in and around the home.

Teach them how your home security camera system works

If you have a battery-powered security camera or other home security camera system, teach your children how it works, how to watch the outside security cameras and what to do if the alarm is tripped. If your cameras feature night vision, go outside in the dark to get a video recording of you standing by the front door” this way your kids will know what this type of nighttime footage will look like. Even if your children are too young to be left alone, there will be times when you are in the shower and they may have to check the security cameras if the alarm suddenly starts going off. Explain that security camera systems are helpful tools that help keep your home safe, but that they also need people to monitor them.

Rehearse safety-related situations

As Family Education notes, you don't have to wait until your kids are elementary school age or older to start teaching them about security and safety around the house” you can ask preschool-age kiddos safety-related what if? questions to see how much they know and don't know. Ask a mix of easier questions with more challenging ones, and if your young child doesn't know the answer, offer a suggestion. For example, ask 'What would you do if you dropped a glass of apple juice and the glass broke?' or 'What would you do if you were watching TV and the smoke detector suddenly went off?' These questions will help to sharpen your child's self-protective instincts while teaching him or her what to do in these situations. Of course, you can ask older kids tougher questions like 'What would you do if an adult you don't know sent you a friend request on Facebook?' or 'If you are heating up mozzarella sticks in the microwave and they catch on fire, what would you do first?'

Involve them in safety routines

If you are the only one in the home who checks the windows and doors before going to bed or leaving to run errands, your kids won't fall into the good habit of doing the same. As A Platform for Good notes, even very young children can be taught how to lock a door. When you are heading out to school or the store with your children, ask 'Are all the windows and doors closed and locked?' and let them check with you. If your kids are old enough to remember the alarm code, you can also show them how to arm the system.

Remember, safety is an ongoing topic

Kids are very bright and they are amazing little sponges when it comes to learning new things. By teaching your preschoolers the basics of safe behavior and continuing the dialogue into their child, tween and teen years, you will be continually reinforcing this important topic with them and helping them develop great safety habits that they will someday use in their own homes.

Using Search Options to Buy Vessel Components You Need

You might have the skills and talent to repair your own yacht or boat. All of your capabilities, however, may be for naught if you cannot get the parts you need with which to make the repairs.

Rather than search local stores for what you need, you could get a better selection of hoses, spark plugs, valves, and other replacement parts for boats by shopping online. The website offers search options that will make your online shopping faster and easier.

Searching by Function
When you need to make repairs to your boat, you need parts that will do exactly what you expect of them. For example, when the engine misfires or has a hard time starting, you may need to put in new spark plugs. You need these parts to fire consistently and to make the connection with other parts of the motor so the engine turns over when you start it.

You can look for parts based on their function by using the available options on the website. The site is designed to let you narrow in on the parts you need without having to browse through endless search results. You can quickly find the parts needed for the repairs, add it to your online shopping cart, and then check out and have the parts mailed directly to you.

Searching by Price
Your yacht may already cost you a bundle of money without you spending more than necessary on parts for it. When you are shopping on a budget, you want to avoid looking at parts that are beyond what you can afford to spend. You may want to find parts that are refurbished or on sale for a lower price.

You can set the perimeters of your shopping by using the available filters on the website. You avoid seeing parts that are more than you can afford. You instead are shown a list of parts that fit better within your budget. You may end up saving money on the equipment you need to make timely repairs to your vessels.

Monday, December 17, 2018

What Are The Requirements For Securing A Payday Or Car Title Loan

Emergencies happen to hard-working people every single day. If you need fast cash to help pay for car repairs, tackle an unexpected medical bill or get through the gift-giving holiday season, there are a significant number of payday loan, car title loan and pawn shop companies across the United States that are happy to help you secure the funds you need when you are in a bind. While certain states have specific restrictions and limitations when it comes to these types of loans, there are some standard requirements you will need to meet in order to get one of these types of loans.

Most payday loan companies will require that you have a steady job, and you will need to provide proof of your income. In addition to providing a few recent pay stubs or a copy of your tax return, you may also have to provide your employer's phone number so that your current employment status can be verified. You will also need to provide proof of residency, a photo identification card and your bank account information. To protect the lending agency, they need to verify that you are who you say you are, and they need to have access to your information in the event that you default on your loan.

If you need installment loans Mississippi or in other southern states, you may need to provide a check from your personal checking account, and you may also have to present your social security card as an added measure of identification. The lending institution is required to disclose how they utilize this information in conjunction with their lending and recovery practices.

Most payday and car title lenders are able to provide you with the funds you need on the same day that you apply. In some instances, you may have to wait an extra day or two to get the money if additional verification is needed. If you are self-employed, it may take an extra day or two to get the money you need.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Wear OS by Google @LGUSAMobile @BestBuy #ad

This holiday season - For the tech aficionado that is ahead of the curve - Wear the LG W7 Smartwatch 44.5mm Stainless Steel by Google that features mechanical hands and a fully functional touchscreen, with a watch-only mode that lets the W7 last for 100 days between charges. Make every minute matter with smart help and health coaching, from the convenience of your wrist.
Proactive Help From the Google Assistant: Keeps you ahead of your day with proactive, personalized help from Google Assistant, even before you ask. Smarter Health Coaching from Google Fit: Motivates you towards a healthier life with coaching and activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization. Maximizes Your Time: Get more done and maximize your time with more glanceable, easy to manage notifications, with smart replies to respond quickly on the go. Compatible with iPhone/iOS and Android.
The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The New Year May Be the Best Time for a New Look

If there is one thing that people think about when they think about celebrating the new year, it is probably the making of New Year's resolutions. Most people resolve to give up something that is bad for them, such as smoking or spending too much money, or to take up something that is good for them, like exercising or eating better. However, you don't have to only work on your New Year's resolution to make positive changes in your life. If you've been considering changing your look, the start of the new year may be just the time to act.

If you're struggling with one aspect of your appearance in particular, your best bet may be to talk to a professional. That is especially true if you have spent years thinking about making a change and think that you are now ready to do so. For example, you may want to learn about coolsculpting denver if you are eating well and exercising but still having problems with certain stubborn areas of your body. Or, if you are looking to minimize the wrinkles and lines that come with aging, you may want to talk to a dermatologist about getting botox injections, fillers, or laser treatments.

You don't have to make major changes to improve your look for the new year, however. One of the easiest things that you can do to brighten up and change your appearance is to try out a dramatic new haircut. If you usually have long hair, consider a short style, and if you usually have short hair, think about getting extensions, at least for as long as it takes to grow out your own hair. Another idea is to see a professional make up artist to get new ideas about your cosmetics.

Finally, for the new year, promise yourself that you will take time to take care of yourself. Too many people neglect their own well-being to care for others. You deserve to be happy now!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Retaining Help You Need to Watch Out for an Aged Loved One

 More people today are finding themselves tasked with caring for elderly relatives. They do not want to put their relatives in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. However, they also may not have a lot of time during the week to take the best care of their aged loved ones.

When you are interested in hiring an at-home nurse, 24/7 nursing care, or services for home health care bethesda maryland residents like you might wonder what options are available to you. You can find out more about these services by going online today.

Around-the-clock Help
You may have such a busy work schedule that you are gone during all hours of the day and night. When you work in a career like nursing or over-the-road hauling, you may never have a regular work schedule. Your work hours may have you coming and going at all times during the day and evening.

Because of your erratic work schedule, you might benefit by hiring someone who can be there 24 hours a day with your aged relative. The company has staff members on call who can be at your home during the day and night. Your relative will never be alone, and you will know that his or her daily needs are being met by professionals who are trained to care for people in this age demographic.

Help with Daily Care
Your aging loved one may be able to do some things for himself or herself. However, tasks like taking a shower or bath, cooking, and remembering to take medications may be more than for which your relative is equipped to handle.

The at-home caretaker that you can hire today can be on hand to help with these and other tasks. He or she will also provide companionship for your relative who otherwise may be alone and bored all day.

You cannot be home all day to help your aged loved one with everyday tasks. You need someone to come in and help you when you are at work. You can find a trusted nursing professional by visiting the website of the company that provides these services today.

Why Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

When deciding what type of gifts to get for your loved ones this holiday season, you should definitely consider shopping online or in a jewelry store for jewelry. Jewelry makes a great gift for just about anyone that you might want to buy for this holiday season for these reasons.

It's Not Always Expensive

Even though some pieces of jewelry might cost thousands or even millions of dollars, not all jewelry is expensive. If you shop around a bit, you can find budget-friendly jewelry for your loved ones. If you're looking to splurge a little on the people you love, though, you can naturally find nicer jewelry at higher price points, too. Jewelry can generally be purchased at just about any budget, which is part of why it's such a great gift item.

It's Something Your Recipient Might Not Regularly Buy

When buying a gift for someone close to you, you may want to purchase something that he or she might not normally purchase for himself or herself. A lot of people don't regularly treat themselves to new jewelry, making it the perfect gift.

It Sometimes Has Special Meanings

Jewelry sometimes has a special meaning. For example, engagement and wedding rings have a special meaning, of course. Other types of jewelry can have other types of special meanings, though. For example, if you give someone you love a guardian angel wing necklace, then you will be showing him or her that you want to watch over and care for them.

It's Easy to Wrap, Ship and Give

Since jewelry is small, it's easy to wrap. It's also easy and affordable to ship if you're going to be sending the gift in the mail, or it's something that you can easily bring along to the holiday parties this holiday season.

When coming up with gift ideas this holiday season, try thinking about buying jewelry for the people you love. No matter who you're buying for, jewelry can be an excellent gift.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The folks at Ugly Christmas Sweater love the holiday season. And what's more to love than an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Whether you're attending an Ugly Sweater Contest or just going to your family Christmas dinner, you should definitely check out their wide variety of sweaters to choose from. They create original designs for everyone.
As for me, I'm a Ginja! You might ask yourself what a Ginja is? If you don’t know then you’re not as cool as you think. As a Ginja is a Ninja Gingerbread man. Simple, ah? This Women’s Fighting Ginjas Gingerbread Ninjas Funny Christmas sweater is goofy, funny, and nerdy to say the least about it. Are you the Ultimate Ninja then this is the sweater for you. This sweater is knitted. Perfect for ugly Christmas sweater parties! And perfect for me, and actual Ginger!


#CommCoffeeAtSams Giveaway

Monday, December 10th at 12:00 AM ET to Monday, December 31st at 11:59 PM ET.
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Thursday, December 6, 2018

#WalmartGroceryDelivery Giveaway

Promo Code: DISCOVER
Available in select areas.
Expires: 1/31/19

Monday, December 3rd at 12:00 AM ET to Friday, December 7th at 11:59 PM ET.
Ten (10) winners will receive a $50 gift card from Walmart.
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The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Monday (12/10) via the email address they used to enter.

Home Chef Must-Haves

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