Saturday, December 29, 2018

Scepter SmartControl Gas Can - New For The #NewYear2019

Introducing a new generation of gas cans featuring the Scepter SmartControl easy pour spout! The SmartControl system offers customers ease of use in a durable design, with an added layer of protection. The SmartControl delivers fast fills without spills. The easy-push and controllable flow makes filling everything from lawn mowers to recreational vehicles a cleaner, safer, better experience.

Scepter was the first to introduce a blow-moulded polyethylene fuel container in the late 1950s. And, they were among the first to introduce a full line of CARB and OTC compliant fuel containers. Their environmentally friendly containers reduce smog-forming emissions and spills. Their Eco fuel containers provide self-venting, self-regulating spouts, and child resistant closure caps.

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