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8X11 Custom Hard Cover Photo Book – Only $9.99

8X11 Custom Hard Cover Photo Book – Only $9.99 – Save $23! 
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Open To New And Existing Customers. Extra Pages Not Included. Limit One Book. S&H Not Included. Ordered Online. One Use. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Exp. 03-23-2017. Standard Shipping: $6.99.

Candlemart #Giveaway

Hanna's Candle Company has been in business since 1988 creating products for your home. From candles and potpourri to air fresheners and room sprays. They want to be your first thought in high quality home fragrance products for a fair price. I got three awesome candles from Candlemart! Passion "Apple of My Eye" fragrance: Green apple, cantaloupe, cucumber, muguet, freesia, and white musk The manufacturing process used to make Aromabeads is unique and locks the fragrance into the wax beads The properties of the wax beads allow them to be saturated with the maximum fragrance content which allows for quick and strong fragrance release. Top layer of poured wax has high fragrance content and seals in the thousands of fragrance packed Aromabeads in each candle. Beautiful embossed silver lid included. Made in the USA. Burn time approximately 40-50 hours. Hanna's Aromabeads provide a unique fragrance experience! Aromabeads are an innovative prill wax that enhances the oxygen…

Moses Bridge #RandomCoolness

Learn about the Moses Bridge HERE.

Hey Kids, Did You Hear That? Probably Not!

Mike Prusinski, co-founder of BusyKid, gives tips for getting kids to listen.

Recently I was watching a TV program where a camera crew provided a behind the scenes look into one of the top college football programs in the country. This show does a great job of capturing the demands of being a college athlete, as well as, a college coach, on and off the field. In this episode, the head coach addressed his team after it just barely won a game against a smaller program.“Men, what is it that I say your generation doesn’t do? That’s right, listen! You know why? You all tweet. You all text. You all do four things at once and never focus 100% on one thing. Great teams and great players have the ability to focus and listen.”And there it was! The head coach was saying the same thing parents have touted for decades – will you listen and can you focus.
However, what got me was the room full of 100 young players (18 to 21 years old) who also seemed to be finally hearing it for the very first time. …

#SuperMacys Giveaway

Win $ from Macy's! Good luck!

Get Snacking This Spring

This spring there is a new line-up of better for you snacks that are delicious!
Garden of Eatin’ brand has launched two new boldly seasoned corn tortilla chips in Nacho, featuring creamy farmhouse cheddar with paprika and Ranch with hints of buttermilk, garlic, and onion. The new corn tortilla chips are certified USDA organic and contain 25 percent less fat than the leading conventional competitor.Like all Garden of Eatin’® products, these new flavors are made with non-GMO ingredients and gluten-free. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips introduce a brand new, fan-favorite flavor to snack on in 2017 - Stacked Veggie Chips. Made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin, these chips are gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. These stackable chips make snacking stress-free.

Hans Solo Is In Production!!!

The adventure-filled past of the iconic scoundrel and everyone’s favorite Wookiee is going before cameras this month when principal photography on the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story officially began February 20th at Pinewood Studios, London. The movie will explore the duo’s adventures before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, including their early encounters with that other card-playing rogue from a galaxy far, far away, Lando Calrissian. Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller are directors co-piloting the movie, with a cast that includes Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Thandie Newton, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, with Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca.
“Watching such inspired people from all over the world, with such unique voices, come together for the sole purpose of making art, is nothing short of miraculous,” Lord and Miller said. “We can't think of anything funny to say, because we just feel really moved, and really …

Thinking About New Moms This Coming Mother's Day

It's not too early to start thinking of Mother's Day. With Spring approaching, the arrival of flowers and baby animals and such gets us in the feeling of love and joy. And Boppy has the best gifts for both expecting and new moms! From nursing pillows to pregnancy pillows and even skincare, Boppy has you covered when it comes to getting that new mom a gift.
Treat the new or expecting mom in your life to an amazing Mother’s Day gift from The Boppy Company, an established leader in creating innovative and supportive products for mom and baby. The company's award-winning, Original Nursing Pillow, the Boppy Feeding & Infant Support Pillow, has helped millions of moms provide a comfortable position for nursing their infant. With the success of their iconic pillow, Boppy is proud to offer expecting mothers the same kind of support with the Boppy Prenatal Comfort Collection. Expecting and new mom’s can also nourish their skin with Boppy Bloom Skincare Collection. Choose from on…

Hard Candy Lip Artiste Wand

Paint your lips your way with the new Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand from Hard Candy! This transformative lip contour and highlighting duo enhances lips in two simple steps. The matte lip contour pencil enhances lip shape and creates a shadow while the highlighter enlarges the appearance of lips. Now, you can create the ultimate pout. Hard Candy Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand enhances lips to modify appearance of lip size and shape. Lip pencil revises lip shape and a creates shadow. Available in six shades including Nude to Brown, Plum to Berry, Red, Pink to Mauve, Coral to Peach, and Wine to Burgundy The new Hard Candy Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand is available at Walmart and

Exclusive Hanes Brand Deal

This deal can be applied to Hanes, OneHanesPlace, Champion, and Just My Size. Exclusive: Extra $15 Off Orders $80 or More + Free Shipping Promo Code: SAVINGS1580 Restrictions may apply Valid through 3/4/17

Gifted Custom Art

Photomatic by Gifted Custom Art is the first software in the world that makes it possible to scale custom art on demand at a price you choose (and that your customers can afford). Photomatic automates the conversion of photos (portraits, landscapes, logos, and more) into print-ready images, turning any product into a custom one. Simply integrate the Photomatic API, and your customers can print their original photo or convert their photo into an outline, sketch, numbered image and more to be printed on any substrate – like wood, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, decals & more. 
I got a portrait of Callan and Mason, but I have not finished it yet. Though it is easy, I am particular and want to take my time on it to make it perfect! What a great gift idea for anyone in your life!
Check it all out at Gifted Custom Art on Facebook.

60% Off Custom Blankets – Blankets From $19.19

60% Off Custom Blankets – Blankets From $19.19!
Use Code: COZY.
Limit 2 Blankets Per Order. Ordered Online. S&H Not Included. Fleece Kid’s Blanket Not Included In Offer. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Offer Open To New And Existing Customers. Exp. 03-14-2017. Standard Shipping From: $6.99. If you order more than one 60x80 Blanket, the additional blanket(s) ship at just $3.99. On the other products, if you order more than one of the same product, you pay just $2.99 for each of the additional items.

Get Ready For Graduation With Basic Invite

Yes, it's getting to be that time of year again, where our kids are graduating and moving on to bigger and better and things. We want to send them off with style and grace. And Basic Invite can help with that! At, they have a large selection of invitations and announcements and an ability to customize to match your unique style and personality.
Almost Unlimited Colors - Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. This is what sets them apart from almost any other online stationery company and is one of their biggest draws. Custom Samples - Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how i…

Columbia Probiotics Skincare #ColumbiaSkinCare

Founded in 1871, Columbia SkinCare has become the premium skincare company, with products that are unmatched in quality and efficacy. And every step of the way, they’ve put real scientific results ahead of hollow promises. Columbia Skincare proudly introduces Probiotic Concentrate and Probiotic Complex, the 1st topically applied creams that harness the wellness benefits of probiotics specifically for skincare. Probiotics, also known as “good bacteria”, found in yogurt and other ingestibles, have been keeping people healthier longer for years. But now, scientists and researchers have developed a type of probiotic specifically for topical usage that helps promote the health and wellness of the body’s largest organ, the skin. These topical-specific probiotics are at the forefront of skincare technology and are about to change the paradigm for skincare. Clinically proven effective and safe, these products enhance and fortify the skin’s ability to do what it does…

Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2017


Vinrella, The Ultimate Spring Accessory

The vision for Vinrella from the start was to create umbrellas and rain accessories that could become more functional, and fashionable through the use of great design. They’ve given customers a hard carrying case for their bottle umbrellas, so they and all their belongings stay dry. At the same time, the umbrellas have a new, contemporary look. The rain and sun hats keep our customers on trend and looking good, but also provide the function they bring to market, to stay dry! In designing the line of rain accessories, Vinrella also wanted customers to have products they could give as gifts at an affordable price point. Perhaps that’s why the bottle umbrellas have been listed by magazines as a top 100 gift.