Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gifted Custom Art

Photomatic by Gifted Custom Art is the first software in the world that makes it possible to scale custom art on demand at a price you choose (and that your customers can afford). Photomatic automates the conversion of photos (portraits, landscapes, logos, and more) into print-ready images, turning any product into a custom one.
Simply integrate the Photomatic API, and your customers can print their original photo or convert their photo into an outline, sketch, numbered image and more to be printed on any substrate – like wood, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, decals & more. 

I got a portrait of Callan and Mason, but I have not finished it yet. Though it is easy, I am particular and want to take my time on it to make it perfect! What a great gift idea for anyone in your life!

Check it all out at Gifted Custom Art on Facebook.

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