Saturday, August 6, 2016


Kidzooz is the healthy alternative to over-stuffed toy pillows or adult pillows. This new children’s sleep pillow protects the natural curve of a child’s neck, builds great sleep habits, and ends stiff or sore necks. Its patented marquis-shaped center cradles the head comfortably while firmer foam borders support the neck when your child is sleeping.
The Kidzooz family of children’s’ sleep pillows are specially designed for children ages 3 to 10. They provide kid-sized comfort, ergonomically correct posture, and warm companionship. Designed by a chiropractic expert for proper support, the center of this pillow cradles the head comfortably while the firmer foam borders support the child’s neck when he or she is sleeping. Kidzooz children’s sleep pillows come in three designs: Dog, Tiger, and Panda Bear. We got the Dog for Callan and he loves it!

Check it all out at Kidzooz on Facebook, as well as Kidzooz on Twitter.

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