Saturday, August 6, 2016


Tackle grimy window panes with this nifty gadget. Scoopy is a window cleaner and glass condensation squeegee. All you do is spray on your cleaner and as you scoop upwards, any cleaning residue is picked up and held in the handle. Sparkling glass in seconds! Plus condensation on windows, walls, and shower stalls can be a real hassle and a health hazard. If the water is left to drip down to the bottom, it could cause nasty mildew stains, which are ugly and potentially harmful. You could use a conventional squeegee, but the water is just going to pool at the bottom, so what's the point? With Scoopy simply push it up the window and collect the condensation in the handle. Take the handle off and pour the condensation into the sink or even into your nearest potted plant! It's really that easy. Comes with a free microfiber cloth for drying edges and any streaks you may have left.

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