Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hi-Chew #BTS2016

As temperatures rise and the days get longer, all we want to do is bask in the last days of the summer sun. Unfortunately, the reality is, most of us are office-bound, counting down the hours to breathe in the fresh summer air. Enter Hi-Chew, the long-lasting, chewy fruit snack experience that will transport your senses and allow you to take in a flavorful moment to get you through the day. Hi-Chew is a delicious snacking option for everyone under the sun.
For the Mom: add a kid-friendly, parent approved pick to your kid’s back-to-school lunch box, for an instant boost. Featuring a bevy of captivating flavors including mango, strawberry, cherry, grape, green apple, and banana, Hi-Chew is the perfect choice for a healthy pick-me-up this back-to-school season. Surprisingly satisfying and easy to eat, Hi-Chew snacks deliver a unique taste and texture that are sure to become an essential part of your BTS survival kit.

Check it all out at Hi-Chew on Facebook, as well as Hi-Chew on Twitter.

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