Thursday, November 26, 2015

Build A Knight's Castle #2015HolidayGiftGuide

Nothing sparks a child’s imagination quite like the fascinating world of turreted castles defended by gallant knights. With Build! A Knight’s Castle, children ages seven and up will enjoy hours of fun when they build a 3D medieval castle, fully furnished with knights, battle implements, and all the tools for a medieval siege! Parents and teachers will love the educational component, which combines history with the science of archaeology. When a castle is at center stage, imaginative play emerges from a foundation of learning. First, the book engages young readers with photographs, illustrations, and descriptions of real archaeological digs. Then, readers are drawn into the mythic world of medieval life through weapons, knights, castles and warring armies. Finally, children discover and interpret clues in their own excavation site, bringing the castle to life using pieces popped out of the heavy card stock in the back of the book. Figuring out the castle layout, how the pieces of the wall fit together, what’s located inside the courtyard, and how a trebuchet works is part of the fun and challenge. Written by archaeologist and educator Annalie Seaman, Build! A Knight’s Castle is a perfect birthday or holiday gift for curious young minds and is an excellent accompaniment to any child’s study of medieval times.

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