Thursday, November 26, 2015

Caswell-Massey's Vintage Collection #2015HolidayGiftGuide

As America’s original apothecary founded in 1752, Caswell-Massey knows quite a bit about the treasures of yesteryear as well as enduring quality. If you love antiques, vintage clothing, and big band tunes – then you are bound to also love the new Vintage Collection from Caswell-Massey. Authentic, timeless and modern, Caswell-Massey’s Vintage Collection features three classic floral scents from this venerable brand – Lilac, Gardenia, and Honeysuckle – that have been brought back at the demand of the customers who have loved them for years and reformulated with pure ingredients. Stunningly packaged with an elegant and feminine vintage chic flair, this collection is sure to be loved by vintage enthusiasts of all ages.
The Vintage Collection from Caswell-Massey features three classic floral fragrances: Lilac - The 1928 silent film Lilac Time featured actress Coleen Moore, who was a quintessential flapper who helped popularize the bob haircut. Anyone who loves the 1920s and Gatsby style will adore Caswell-Massey Lilac, a luxe scent that embodies passion and renewal. The packaging features clusters of soft purple lilacs that will look pretty on the vanity.
Gardenia - It would be hard to picture chanteuse Billie Holliday without a cluster of gardenias in her hair. The fragrant gardenia is almost synonymous with jazz age glamour. Caswell-Massey Gardenia is a romantic fragrance the melds creamy white gardenias with lush green notes. Exquisitely soft yet intoxicating, just like the illustrations of magnificent gardenias that envelop the pretty packaging.
Honeysuckle - The song “Honeysuckle Rose” has been recorded by greats ranging from Louis Armstrong to Sarah Vaughan – a true classic. The honeysuckle flower is indeed itself a classic in perfumery. Caswell Massey has captured the delicate scent of coral honeysuckle that evokes the aroma of a summer garden and the overall beauty of nature. This fragrance is subtle and soft yet warm and inviting. Coral honeysuckle blossoms and the hummingbirds who love their sweet nectar make the packaging a true delight to display.

Check it all out at Caswell-Massey on Facebook.

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