Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#2015HolidayGiftGuide Spy Vs Spy

Spy vs Spy, one of the most celebrated comic strips in MAD magazine’s history, has a deceptively simple concept: twin spies, one clad in black and the other in white, outdoing each other in elaborately stupid plots to achieve the others demise. From 1961-1987, Antonio Prohías was the creator, author, and illustrator for the Cold War-inspired strip. To this day, it holds a very special place in pop culture. In MAD Spy Vs Spy: An Explosive Celebration the artists at MAD have colorized the best of the original strips for the very first time, presenting these timeless classics in a modernized design. And a full one-third of the book is made up of exclusive, new, bonus material created exclusively for the book including:

•New interpretations of the Spy characters by acclaimed artists - including Peter Bagge, Tom Bunk, Evan Dorkin, Jim Lee, Bob Staake, Orlando Arocena, Andre Carrilho, Darwyn Cooke, Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez, Hermann Mejia, Tony Millionaire, Bill Sienkiewicz, Yuko Shimizu, Rich Webber, and internationally-recognized LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya
•Biography of the original Spy vs Spy creator, Antonio Prohías, in comic strip form by long time award-winning MAD artist Sergio Aragonés
•Foreword by comedian Lewis Black
•Charts, facts, and graphs deconstructing the Spies’ antics, including a “Dossier of Facts” that quantifies the most popular weapons and ploys used in the strip, means of death, and more!

The new strip, “My Friend Antonio,” which tells Antonio Prohías’ personal tale of his humble beginnings in Cuba, his flight from Cuba when Fidel Castro took notice of his editorial cartoons, and his new career in America, is fascinating and will give fans a newfound appreciation for the magnitude of what he accomplished with this infamous comic strip. There is much to celebrate in this beautiful, colorized compilation and it’s a must-have for any MAD or Spy vs Spy fan!

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