Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Discover the most amazing luxury indie, handcrafted, 100% healthy beauty products. Getting one tiny sample at a time isn't enough to really get to know a new beauty brand, especially in the wild west of green beauty. That's why PureBox showcases just a couple of brands each month. Your PureBox haul will include one full sized product, and 4 deluxe samples. They keep it simple - larger samples from fewer super star makers - so you can slow down and really get to know how the products and ingredients work for your skin.
November's full sized product is a Zabana Essentials Rose Fizzy Bath Bomb. Along with it you'll receive more Zabana Essentials deluxe samples: Charcoal Armpit Detox Bar, Lemongrass Nectar Mini Natural Deodorant, and Geranium Eucalyptus Mineral Bath Soak. You'll also receive the super deluxe sized Biodara Travel Set: One 100% cotton muslin facial cloth, one Luminous Cleansing Oil, and one Immortal Mist. The Biodara set is much larger and more luxurious than the typical months samples! As always, you're getting one full sized product, and 4 samples, and this month the muslin cloth that comes with the Biodara Set is an extra bonus. The products have been researched and tested by the green beauty experts - you can be completely confident that the products, and their ingredients, are 100% healthy and non-toxic. 

Check it all out at PureBox on Facebook, as well as PureBox on Twitter.


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