Thursday, September 18, 2014

Belches, Burps, Farts, Oh My!

Belches, Burps, Farts, Oh My by Artie Bennett

About The Book:
He’s beheld the butt and offered the scoop on poop. Now Artie Bennett takes young readers on a discovery of those little (and not so little) puffs that exit from our mouths and duffs - the burp, the belch, and the fart! With Bennett’s signature combination of real science and zany rhyme, kids will learn the how, why, and where of gas-tastic eruptions made by people and animals, such as:
•why we can’t burp while on our backs
•which animals can’t “cut the cheese”
•how fish communicate via burp bubbles
•why soda and burps go together
•who farts more - boys or girls
Capped off with a spread on Fart-tastic Facts & Burp-tacular Bits, this amazing, amusing mix of humor and nonfiction is an ideal draw for reluctant readers, classroom units on body science - and kids who just think burps and farts are funny! Given visual gas-pression via Pranas T. Naujokaitis’s exuberant cartoon-style illustrations, look for this to be a hit with both kids and educators. For as Mr. Bennett puts it: Cows and pigs, crude or classy, Kids, grown-ups, we’re all....gassy!

My Thoughts:
I love all of Artie's books, and so does Callan. This book has elicited the most laughs! And Callan wants to know, is all this really true? So we have been researching on the internet, and it all is true! Fun to learn about the realities in life in such a funny way!

About The Author:
Brooklyn native Artie Bennett employed his signature goofy-meets-smart style to craft this hilarious ode to the burp, the belch, and that popular "Bronx cheer", the fart. A former professional crossword puzzle prodigy, Artie Bennett is now making a name for himself writing smart and funny books about subject matter that kids love to read about, and enhancing Brooklyn's reputation for producing an uncommonly high per capita of humorists. In his M-F life, Mr. Bennett is an executive copy editor at a major children's book publisher. In his spare time, he collects words.


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