Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Are In Escrow!

So Jason and I have been dreaming of buying a house since we had our own place in Texas, via Army Housing. So it was never ours. We wanted something of our own. And finally our lives are in a place where we can settle down in one place, and afford to buy our first house.
We have been looking for a good few months at houses. We are particular, as this will be our permanent home, you know? Long term. No plans to move, etc. And after much searching - we found a place we love!
And we are officially in Escrow. Which means, we are just waiting on the financing to be settled, but we know its all good, because it is through Veterans Affairs, and we got this in the bag! I am packing like a mad woman. Holy moly, who knew an apartment could hold so much stuff? Agh! The realtor and the mortgage guy both said we should be able to close on the house around October 24th, which is not that far away! Yay! We will get to celebrate the holidays in our new house. I am so excited, and thankful!

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