Monday, September 23, 2013

Allen's Vegetables

Generations of families have grown up enjoying vegetables from Allens. Since 1926, they’ve been packing a variety of products including beans, greens, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Allens, Inc., a national leader in canned and frozen vegetables since 1926, is family-owned and operated in Siloam Springs, AR. Every Allens vegetable is proudly grown and packed in North America. Allens vegetables are sold nationally and internationally with 12 manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. in Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and Wisconsin. My family got to try a few varieties
While its nutritional benefits are legendary, Popeye Spinach brings something just as important to the table - convenience. All you need is a can opener to enjoy Popeye's great taste or to use as a versatile spinach recipe ingredient. I love spinach, and have always had the Popeye's kind, since I was a kid!
Veg-All Original Mixed Vegetables - A delightful blend of Carrots, Potatoes, Celery, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Corn, and Lima Beans in a light onion broth. I love mixed veggies, and these are delicious! A good way to get Callan to eat some of the veggies he normally would not eat alone.

Check it all out at Allens on Facebook, as well as Allens on Twitter.

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