Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kawaii Kigu Animal Onesies

Kawaii-Kigu started in 2012 by Jen and Elise. They are based out of Toronto, Canada.They  first discovered Kigurumi costumes walking the streets of Waikiki, Hawaii during Halloween. They loved what they saw and wanted to share it with the world.

We got the Dinosaur Onesie - Wanna be at the top of the food chain? Then this Dinosaur Kigurumi onesie if perfect for you! It is made from soft fleece and includes pockets to hold all your things. So become the king of all beasts, and walk like a King! Get the Dinosaur Kigurumi onesie for adults. This adorable Japanese Kigurumi onesie animal pajama can fit all adult sizes. It is made to be baggy, comfortable and incredibly cute! Whether going to a party or just dressing for fun, this Kigurumi onesie will be sure to impress your friends! Made for women and men, the Kigu will be sure to fit your Japanese cosplay needs. Its is machine washable, and it is warm and fluffy - perfect for the cold blooded dinosaur. I love it. It is so cute, and ultra-comfy! I love to just lounge it, but I also plan to wear it for Halloween! Fun!

Check it all out at Kawaii Kigu on Facebook, as well as Kawaii Kigu on Twitter.

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