Sunday, June 9, 2013


Organize, communicate, and share with Lulalu. Their products transform the mundane into the delightfully creative, making everyday life more colorful. Lulalu sticks to stainless steel refrigerators, glass, tile, mirrors and other smooth non-porous sealed surfaces and does not mark surfaces. Lulalu products are designed to be stylish and fun with happy colors and shapes. Use Lulalu in the kitchen, home office, bath and bedrooms or in school lockers, dorms and work spaces of all kinds.
I got to try some great products from Lulalu! The Lulalu 10x10 Weekly Calendar Pad Stripes - Lulalu pads are a fun and colorful organizing and communication solution for your stainless steel refrigerator, glass, mirrors and more. This 10x10 Lulalu pad includes 50 sheets. Use Lulalu everywhere in your life: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, school lockers, dorms, and more. Lulalu uses a proprietary material that grips to smooth slick non-porous surfaces including stainless steel, glass, mirrors, tile, and wood. Non-adhesive, it leaves no marks or residue and is non-toxic. Made in USA - In Minnesota, woot woot!

I also got the Desk Strip Pads. They are not yet on the website, as they are completely brand new. They are 17.5" wide by 3" tall and are designed to be placed in front of your keyboard or other small space to jot down things to do during the week or errands. I use it all the time by my computer! Love it!

Check it all out at Lulalu on Facebook, as well as Lulalu on Pinterest.

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