Sunday, June 9, 2013

Join Binteo! New Social Networking

Binteo ( is set to turn social networking upside down. Normally you start with who you know, then you friend, like or follow them. With Binteo, you start with what you know to join and connect with people worldwide based on common hobbies and interests. The network just launched in beta with four key interests: photography, cooking, gardening and autism, connecting “like-interest” people with each other and a range of experts supplied by the Binteo team.

With a community for each interest, you can share insights, post original content (text, photos, video), collaborate and improve skills or knowledge in each group. Binteo uses sophisticated, but incredibly user-friendly technology, to facilitate connections among like-minded enthusiasts and real-time engagement with each other and experts in the four focused categories. Members can also connect with one another through a brilliant array of methods, including instant messaging, newsfeeds and voice-video calls/chat.

There is currently a special photography community contest going on and, starting soon, everyone who signs up will be entered to win a special weekly prize based on their interest group selection. Additionally, the network is looking for new groups to launch, welcoming ideas from new members.

Sign up now at and help grow the first phase to 12,000 members. You can also follow Binteo on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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