Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Must. Have. Wine. *Giveaway* 2 Winners

Must. Have. Wine. by Katrina Epp & Leah Speer

About The Book:
Must. Have. Wine. It’s a modern moms’ mantra, no matter what type of day we’re having; when we’ve come to the end of our rope, had the best day ever, or simply just want to unwind. Along with that glass of wine, we often find comfort in knowing other moms are going through the same things we are. Must. Have. Wine. A Toast to Motherhood, is a collection of relatable stories by everyday moms assuring that none of us are perfect and we’re all in this crazy race together. If you’re looking for a reason to pour that glass of wine tonight, we’ve got 81 reasons you should! Always feeling guilty about something you did or didn’t do? “Guilt Will Always Be There, Let Love Triumph” is the story for you! See Reason #4. Tired of your hubby putting the moves on you when all you need is another hour of sleep? Been there! You must read “Midnight Lovin’!” See Reason #58. Is the constant wailing from your colicky baby enough to make you want to lock yourself in the closet and bawl your eyes out? Read another mother’s colic survival story in “This Too Shall Pass.” See Reason #37. Think you’re the only mom who can’t brave the McDonald’s playland slide to save your toddler? You’ll laugh out loud when you read “I’m Not Lovin’ It!” See Reason #15. With savvy wit and a healthy dose of reality, "Must. Have. Wine. A Toast to Motherhood." takes you on the emotional journey we all experience as mothers, while gracefully offering advice and an aura of camaraderie. Each chapter offers stories that complement the ups and downs of this wondrous and challenging role we’re all living: Chapter 1 inspires - Let go of your mommy guilt and embrace your imperfections! Chapter 2 amuses - Laugh out loud as you are reminded of the funnies from your own zany life with young children. Chapter 3 encourages - In your darkest of days it’s comforting to know you will survive. Chapter 4 delights - Giggle at the fun and often cute moments of motherhood. Chapter 5 relieves - For those stressful and frustrating times…know that you’re not alone. Chapter 6 indulges - Sweet tales remind us why we’re blessed to be moms. Whether you’re headed to a baby shower, looking for a holiday gift, or buying for a friend’s birthday - Must. Have. Wine. makes the perfect gift for any mommy in your life: your sister, your best friend, or even…yourself. Together, let’s raise our glasses to toast the laughter, the tears, and this zaniness we call motherhood.

My Thoughts:
I love this book. I needed this book! I finished this book in one sitting! Yes, one sitting! Ok, so I was sick in bed, but this was a great remedy! This book is a must for every mom, whether you are brand new mom, or now a grandma! You will "get" this book. After all, it is about our lives as mothers!

About The Authors:
Find out more about Katrina Epp and Leah Speer at their blog, http://www.must-have-wine.com/


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