Tuesday, January 22, 2013


LoopRope is a revolutionary fastening system that eliminates the daily use of dangerous and limiting bungee cords, messy cargo nets and most other light to medium duty tie downs. There's nothing more versatile!
We got to try the LoopRope 5ft Tie Down. Key Features of the LoopRope Tie Downs: •LoopRope 5ft 1/4" shock cord is crimped at several intervals. •Each loop can be an additional fastening point - increases stability and security. •Multi-purpose, multi-anchor point fastening system. •The LoopRope tie down system is much simpler and safer than traditional bungee or rope tie downs. •Replaces traditional bungee cords with high quality shock cord and stainless steel carabener. •Quickly and easily secures cargo or equipment with no need to tie knots. •Looprope never tangles. •One LoopRope tie down strap solves many fastening problems. LoopRope system can be used as: •Truck tie downs, boat docking lines, cargo nets, all purpose tie downs for: camping, motorcycles, ATV's, RV's, storage. LoopRope is a fully customizable system for securing anything. It is a pretty darn cool little contraption! Jason is using it for work. They have to tie things down on a trailer pulled by a 4-wheeler all the time, and the stuff always falls off! With the LoopRope, it didn't! Cool!

Check it all out at LoopRope on Facebook, as well as LoopRope on Twitter.

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