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Moving On Up!

Hey guys. I might have mentioned this before, but we are moving! We are signing the lease today, very excited. We are moving from the city to way "Up North" in Minnesota. Jason's family has a business there and he will work for his dad. I am very excited. I love the little town, and I think it will be excellent for Callan! So anyways, I will try to keep on top of things here in the next few weeks, but after the school year is done here for Callan (May 16th), we are moving-moving with the big truck and all the furniture, etc. So that might make things all a bit crazy. And being without internet for a few days, OMG, whatever will I do? Eeeks! But I'll keep ya posted! Wish us luck!

Enza Blog Tour *Giveaway* 4 Winners!

Enza by Kristy K. James
About The Book: As a war raged an ocean away, family and friends on the home-front continued to enjoy peaceful, charmed lives - unaware that an unseen enemy, deadlier than any human foe, was poised to destroy their idyllic existence. It is a time of innocence and prosperity. The Women's Suffrage Movement gains more attention with each passing day. All across the country housewives and young ladies harbor hope that they might finally win the right to vote. Patriotism is at its peak as the war to end all wars rages an ocean away. On the homefront, in a small town in Michigan, life is being lived out like the pages of a Mark Twain novel. Until an unseen enemy, deadlier than any human adversary, threatens Mankind's very existence. Elliot Owens - The only thing in the world that matters to Elliot is his wife and their five children, and he will do everything in his power to protect them. Daniel Pullman - When his plans to join the Army are dashed following an …

Lovejoy Creations *Giveaway*

Lovejoy Creations makes personalized, custom, handmade, hand tooled leather wallets for men. They make bifolds, trifolds, pocket wallets and more. They hand tool most of their designs from their own drawings so the wallets are unique. They also make custom, personalized leather purses, handbags, clutches, and wallets for women, hand tooled belts, scrapbook or keepsake albums and more. They have burned or branded some of their drawings to some of these items as well. This process is known as pyrography or fire art.
I wanted a pouch, similar to the wallet above with a Celtic knot on it. It is made of genuine leather and features a center knot with Emerald green and shimmering gold. I love it! And guess what? For giveaway I have a beautiful pouch/coin purse in this Cherry Blossom style: There is a Cherry Blossom design that meanders across the entire pouch. Here's how to enter to win it:
1. Follow this blog via GFC, the newsletter, or Networked Blogs. 2. "Like" Hanging Off The…

Mike And Ike Have Broken Up! Contest

Just Born, Inc., makers of Mike And Ike, Peeps, Hot Tamales Brand candies, confirms rumors that the legendary candy duo, Mike and Ike, have parted ways. The pair cited irreconcilable creative differences, which has been confirmed by statements from each party, suggesting that Mike and Ike will stop collaborating on their famous fruit chewy candies. The news of split has caused people to be overcome with disbelief. Therefore, the company has launched the Tell Us Your Reaction contest to run from now through June 26th, 2012.
Entrants must create and submit a video that demonstrates their reaction to the Mike And Ike split. This could show surprise, sadness, disbelief, happiness or whatever emotional reaction the news of the Mike And Ike split evokes. The reaction video should have a maximum running time of 90 seconds.
One first prize winner will received an Apple iPod Touch and a Mike And Ike t-shirt. Four second prize winners will each receive an Apple iPod Shuffle and a Mike And Ike t…

doTERRA Essential Oils

In the spring of 2008, a group of healthcare and business professionals who shared profound personal experiences of the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils came together with a common vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. They wanted something different that would appeal to all people, from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered the experts in the field. dōTERRA products are sold exclusively through Independent Product Consultants who, working from home, introduce, educate and sell dōTERRA products locally through person-to-person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites. I got to try the Wild Orange Essential Oil. Wild Orange Essential Oil; Citrus sinensis: Cold-pressed from the orange peel, Wild Orange is excellent for energizing and revitalizing. It is also commonly used as an effective tool for uplifting mood, as well as for its wonderful citrus-y aroma. For aromatic, topical, or…

Welch's Filled Licorice

Frankford Candy has partnered with Welch’s to develop an innovative new entry into the rapidly growing licorice category. By adding a jelly-filling inside a juicy-flavored licorice, Frankford has created a new licorice experience with the introduction of Welch’s Filled Licorice! Welch’s Filled Licorice combines a soft licorice outside with a flavorful filling inside. The unique jelly filling is made with real fruit juice and fruit pectin to deliver real fruit flavors. This new one-of-a-kind licorice treat is a blend of soft and chewy textures with a bold, real fruit filling. Welch’s Filled Licorice is available in Concord Grape and Strawberry flavors. For more information on Welch’s Filled Licorice, log onto
It is really super yummy. I love licorice, but only in plain traditional flavors, like strawberry and black licorice. I've never like filled licorice before, but after trying this, I have changed my mind! It is really good! Yummy!
About Welch…

Scandle Shimmering Lotion Candle

Scandle LLC is committed to providing their customers with high-grade, spa quality, skin care products that are made with the industry's most natural ingredients - no petroleums or mineral oils, 100% Vegan, drug-free, & cruelty-free. At Scandle LLC, they believe that nature provides us with it's own healing and restorative properties and have harnessed the power of nature through their collection of unique, high-quality, eco friendly, green spa and beauty products. I got to try a Shimmering Lotion Candle! This is not your average candle! The Scandle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a shimmering, fragrant lotion to give your skin a healthy, sexy & flawless glow! Made from 100% natural ingredients, Scandle's Shimmering Body Candle is the first candle to: *Give Skin a Natural Shimmer *Hide Wrinkles & Imperfections by Deflecting Light *Hydrate Skin While Adding Aroma & Ambiance to Any Setting.
I love my candle. It smells a…

Keranique Hair Care

Keranique is an advanced hair therapy for regrowth. It is specially formulated to treat thin, dull, and lackluster hair for women of all ages. I myself have thin, lifeless hair, so I was very excited to try the new Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner! The Keranique Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair: Thinning, fine hair needs a special shampoo. Hair that is thin and weak has low resistance to harsh cleansers, but unless properly cleansed well, scalp oils weigh thin hair down and make lasting volume a challenge. This sulfate-free Volumizing Shampoo is designed especially for thinning hair to gently deep clean and stimulate the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Fortified with Keratin and Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), hair feels lighter, cleaner, and more buoyant. Leaves hair ultra-clean as it helps clear away impurities at the follicle to improve the effectiveness of scalp treatments. Key Benefits: *Retains shine. *Provides compatibility, detangling & smoo…

ila Security

When under threat, women often lose the ability to scream as fear-induced adrenaline courses through their bodies. Named after the Hindu Goddess of Speech, “ila”, the alarms in the collection are designed to scream on their behalf, in order to shock and disorientate any potential attacker or thief, and to attract attention. I received two of the ila alarms to test out. ila Dusk: This innovative personal security alarm is designed to be kept on display as a fashion accessory – right where you need it to hand. Clip to your handbag, or use as a keyring, but don’t be misled by its shiny good looks. In a threatening situation, just pull the chain. You’ll activate an ear-piercing 130Db female scream that research has shown others are more likely to respond to than a traditional alarm, as well as disorientating an attacker. Small and indisputably powerful, ila Security’s alarms unleash 130 decibels on their unsuspecting target. ila Pebble: Most women always carry a bunch of keys. Attach your…


The Cutting-Edge Belly Fat Solution! SafSlim is a revolutionary, scientific breakthrough that specifically reduces belly fat. Its main ingredient is high-linoleic safflower oil. A major 16-week university study conducted on post-menopausal women who had high blood sugar and wanted to lose weight showed they had an average reduction of 6.3 percent belly fat and an average of 20.3 percent increase in the important belly fat hormone adiponectin. SafSlim is powered by patent-pending SAFActive 78 emulsification technology. It’s Key Features include: *Clinically studied ingredient *Does not contain gluten, dairly, wheat, soy, yeast, lactose, or milk *Delicious smoothie-like texture *Easy to take *Expeller-pressed, double-bonded high linoleic (78%) emulsified safflower oil.  I am not one to try a bunch of weight loss things, especially when I don't know a thing about them. I had never heard of SafSlim, though it is celebrity endorsed (Montel Williams). I thought I would give it a go - wh…

Beauty Spoon

The patent-pending Beauty Spoon is a cosmetic tool used to remove all the remaining liquids located along the sides and bottom of product bottles and containers. The Beauty Spoon is designed with an ergonomic handle and flexible stem making it easy to retrieve every ounce of liquid and cream in your product bottles and containers. The Beauty Spoon also comes equipped with a contoured spoon for retaining and scooping out as much liquid as possible. This product is really very cool. I love that I can get every last bit from my beauty products. This product could be used for a variety of products! It sure comes in handy! Love it!
Check it all out at Beauty Spoon on Facebook, as well as Beauty Spoon on Twitter!
I received a product from Beauty Spoon in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sibu Beauty

Sibu is the Sea Buckthorn Company. They produce and sell juice, oil and oil capsules, tea, lotions and creams, soap, and other products both edible and for topical application. Everything they offer is made of the highest quality Himalayan Sea Buckthorn. Sibu wishes to bring the tremendous nutritive and restorative properties of Sea Buckthorn to the world by producing and distributing products of the highest quality and efficacy.
I tried the All Natural Facial Cream; Sea Buckthorn Repair & Protect. The sea buckthorn facial cream, with omega 7 fatty acids, helps boost collagen production and creates the perfect barrier to moisturize, rejuvenate, repair and protect. This light, non-greasy cream is ideal for daily use and offers a pleasing, light citrus scent. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free, and contains no dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, sodium or preservatives. Promotes tissue recovery and healing. Rejuvenates sun damaged skin. Protects against environmental stress. …

Feeling USA Lingerie

Feeling USA has been selling lingerie, sexy clothing, stockings, bridal, exotic dance wear, and high heel shoes online since 1996. Over 4,000 items online to choose from. Corsets, panties, sleepwear, sexy clothing, dresses, stockings, bodystockings, bridal, exotic dance wear, high heels and more.......Shop for lingerie in the privacy of your home.
I was able to review the Polka Dot Chemise you see above! Stretch mesh polka dot knit Chemise for plus sized women. Has a padded underwired bra, adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure on the back. Feeling USA has so many different styles and designs, there is something for everyone!! Here are some other great items I love. Check it all out at Feeling USA on Facebook, as well as Feeling USA on Twitter.
I received a product from Feeling USA in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Leading Lady Bras

Leading Lady is a leading intimate apparel manufacturer, specializing in quality lingerie and sleep/leisure bras. A family owned and operated company, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring quality lingerie for mothers-to-be, new moms and full figure women for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years. For the first time, Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of quality nursing and full figure intimates can be purchased directly on, making it easier than ever for women to find their fit for an exceptional value. I was fortunate enough to try one of their Full Figure bras. The Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Bra! *Molded, padded seamless style looks great under clothing *Lightly padded cups *Adjustable straps for comfort *Latex free. I love it! It fits great, and is comfortable. And I can where it under anything, and there is no lines, no lumps. It's great! Here are a few other great bra designs I love from Leading Lady! Check…

Yummy & Tastey Smelling!

It's getting warmer, and, well, people are wearing less clothes. And since we are showing more of our body part (legs, arms, etc.), don't you want to smell good.....and maybe even taste good? At least smell like you taste good? Well now you can, with Eden Fantasys line of Cake products! Yum! It's A Slice Brown Sugar Scrub: "Everything about this is indulgent, from the luscious orange aroma to the restorative properties. It works perfectly to exfoliate and hydrate skin. It's gentle enough for the whole body. Give it a try." I love this product. Imagine walking around smelling like oranges, so fresh and Summer-y! Mmmm. It might make your significant other just want to lick you! *wink* Milk Made Body Butter: "This highly nourishing formula is packed with the best ingredients and whipped to perfection to soothe, smooth and hydrate your skin." Milk made body butter! So thick and creamy. It will hydrate your skin for a long time, and make you feel great. Th…