Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yummy & Tastey Smelling!

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It's getting warmer, and, well, people are wearing less clothes. And since we are showing more of our body part (legs, arms, etc.), don't you want to smell good.....and maybe even taste good? At least smell like you taste good? Well now you can, with Eden Fantasys line of Cake products! Yum!
It's A Slice Brown Sugar Scrub: "Everything about this is indulgent, from the luscious orange aroma to the restorative properties. It works perfectly to exfoliate and hydrate skin. It's gentle enough for the whole body. Give it a try." I love this product. Imagine walking around smelling like oranges, so fresh and Summer-y! Mmmm. It might make your significant other just want to lick you! *wink*
Milk Made Body Butter: "This highly nourishing formula is packed with the best ingredients and whipped to perfection to soothe, smooth and hydrate your skin." Milk made body butter! So thick and creamy. It will hydrate your skin for a long time, and make you feel great. They say milk is healthy for you, right? Well, then this is healthy for you skin.
 It's A Slice Bath & Shower Gel Duo: "This bath duo from Cake is a delicious blend of Virgin Oil de Coco Creme and delectable scents of creamy vanilla. It leaves you feeling soft, smooth and silky for hours." Wanna smell like a cream-sicle? People will notice the wonderful smell, especially when you are cuddling with your mate! All these products by Cake are like yummy treats for your body! You will smell, and feel, delicious.

Check out these, and other great products at Eden Fantasys.

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