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Snippets From The Trenches

Snippets From The Trenches by Freda Wagman
About The Book: The really extraordinary thing about this book is that it tells the story of how one mother embarked on her feverish course of involvement in the AIDS community, in large part to help herself come to terms with the possibility of her son's death. But all that work really doesn't prepare her. She becomes incredibly intimate with a series of strangers, yet she and her son have more and more trouble talking about HIS illness, which is the reason she is doing all this in the first place. She becomes indispensable at the bedsides of countless other people, but when Gary is dying, she still feels helpless, disconnected and as if she'd never set foot in an AIDS hospital room. What is moving about this book is the fact that all this preparation doesn't prepare, because NOTHING can prepare her." Susan Choi, Pulitzer Prize finalist, American Woman
My Thoughts: This book will run through all the emotions. You will laugh,…

Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom by Ali Bierman
About The Book: The decision to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) must not be taken lightly. It is the toughest job in the world and runs 24/7/365. This book is my story of adventure, exhaustion, creativity, demands and love. Any woman contemplating becoming a SAHM will get a look at what she is getting into by reading this personal account.
My Thoughts: This is a great little book. It is a great account of what really happens when staying at home. You will laugh out loud of some of the stories, because you have been there too, and you will get new ideas and inspiration. A great book!
You can buy this book at Stay At Home Mom on Amazon.
I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

A Year With Jesus

A Year With Jesus by R.P. Nettelhorst
About The Book: Too many times the impact and grandness of the actual words Jesus spoke, as recorded in the Bible, are lost in the telling of the story. In A Year with Jesus, the primary focus is to allow the scriptures that contain Jesus' dialogue to uniquely speak to the reader. The author follows each reading with insights and applications to help explain the context and nuances of the text. The unique titling of each meditation and the nontraditional themes and organization help bring Jesus to our daily lives. Topics include: *Love and Hate *Truths and Lies *Arrogance and Humility *Friends and Enemies *Belief and Disbelief *Patience and Impatience *Deserved and Undeserved *Good and Evil *Fidelity and Treachery *Life and Death
My Thoughts: This is a lovely daily devotional book. As I have said before, since Mason's passing, I have been more and more interested in the Bible, and Jesus, and understanding things. And this book is a big help. I…

Green Stone Healing Series *Giveaway*

The Vision Book One by C.L. Talmadge
About The Book: On occasion, fiction emerges that can transform the way we think about ourselves and our universe. These ground-breaking novels interweave timeless, compelling tales of romantic love, action and adventure, and just a dash of mysticism with an unblinking take on equally enduring issues of race, gender, religion, power, and even reality itself. Such is the Green Stone of Healing epic fantasy series. Set in a mythical island nation called Azgard, this saga chronicles what happens when politics and piety collide. Unlike most works of its genre, this series features four generations of strong female characters. The triumphs and tragedies, hopes and heartbreaks of these fictional women play out on a male-dominated stage, where a theocratic oligarchy bent on total world domination instead serves up its own self-destruction. The series' protagonists own or inherit a mysterious green gem that mends broken bones and broken hearts, shields a…

Nostalgia Electrics Cupcake Kit!

Nostalgia Electrics is the world's leading company blending family fun and home entertaining at an affordable cost. Popcorn makers, cotton candy makers, hot dog makers, ice shavers, margarita blenders, kegerators and more!
We got to test out the Cupcake Party Kit! "The Mini Cupcake Maker Kit from Nostalgia Electrics allows you to cook delicious cupcakes and other pastries at home without even turning on an oven. The kit includes a handy tray for serving and displaying your cupcakes as well as a frosting injector with a variety of tips for decorating. It’s great for snack time, party time or anytime! Delectable desserts and h’ordeuvres are ready in minutes. Features Include: - Makes 7 mini cupcakes at one time - Nonstick coating - Convenient cord storage - Power and preheat indicator lights - 5-7 minutes cooking time - Includes food storage tin, decorating kit and cupcake tray" It was so easy and so much fun doing this with Callan!

Get in on your own fun and visit Nost…

The Many Adventures Of Pengey Penquin *Giveaway*

The Many Adventures Of Pengey Penquin by John Burns
About The Book: Pengey doesn't have many breaks as a baby; he's orphaned soon after he hatches. Shunned by the other penguins, without food, he has no chance to survive in an Antarctic winter. A fierce storm leaves him stranded on a tiny iceberg, but he stays calm and relies on the lessons his parents taught him. When he's lonely, or hungry, or angry, or just plain stuck, you see, he always, "ponders his options." Pengey is a very smart penguin. Days later, Pengey stumbles upon some humans. He is always inquisitive, polite, and a quick study, but he is near death from starvation when he meets Wendy. Still, he impresses her with his good manners and ability to speak small, but important, human words. His reward is a full tummy, but his friendship is short-lived when Wendy leaves to go back to her home in New York City. She pleads with Pengey to go with her, but he is terrified of the noisy airplane. Feeling abandon…

Til’ Text do Us Part: Social Media Introduces the New Revolution of Proposing 2.0

A marriage proposal used to be so simple and intimate - romantic even. You’d come home to candles and roses. Your eyes would meet your special someone taking one knee. You’d glide toward him in a state of surprised bliss, the moment you’ve dreamt of your entire life finally coming true. After many years together, you’d look back on this time and smile. A precious moment shared between just the two of you.
Well, it’s no longer just the two of you. The world has changed and so has proposing. Now, nervous husband-to-be’s are turning to the world of social media to get the job done. You can call it Proposing 2.0.
All-intrusive technology has welcomed itself into every stage of romantic relationships. Virtual dating offers tantalizing emails and IM-ing for hours on end. Twittering and text messaging are sure to be guests at the candlelit dinner table.
Then after some time, your romance is at an all-time high - you feel the that pivotal proposal moment approaching. And there to share in yo…

The Cape Cod Witch Series

The Cape Cod Witch And The Pirate's Treasure by J Bean Palmer
About The Book: The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate's Treasure is the story of the youngest witch on Cape Cod, Elsbeth Amelia Thistle. She is involved in all the normal aspects of growing up. Of course, she's a little different, too. And when Halloween approaches in a sleepy Cape Cod town, she finds a pirate's legend has never quite been forgotten. ElsBeth's adventures are shared with her non-magical but memorable friends, including the local Wampanoag Indians, who are called upon to help resolve an ill-fated and climactic adventure with the notorious pirate, Billy Bowlegs. Some magical friends involved in the action include a mischievous cat, an Indian prince who has been turned into a bullfrog (but sometimes reappears as a prince), some troublesome fairies from the old country, as well as Elsbeth's grandmother, the venerable Hannah Goodspell. This enchanting adventure, with twenty whimsical full-color …

Say Anything Game *Giveaway*

"Say Anything is a game about what you and your loved ones think. It gives you the chance to settle questions that have been hotly debated for centuries. For instance, “What magical power would be the coolest to have?” or “What would be the most fun thing to throw off a tall building?” So dig deep into your heart or just come up with something witty - this is your chance to Say Anything!"
We played this game over Christmas and it was so much fun, especially with some family members who we have not seen in awhile. And the good thing is that it is kid friendly as well so the kids could join in on the fun. We played for hours, and laughed, and "argued", and ate and drank and were merry! It was a really fun game, and an amazing time to spend with family!
One lucky reader will get a chance to win this game and play it with their family! Here's how:

New Year's Resolutions: They Are Not a Waste of Time

Some people believe that New Year's resolutions are stupid, a complete waste of energy because no one seems to live up to them. Besides, people seem to always set unrealistic goals for the new year. What makes any goal unrealistic? Can anyone meet a New Year's resolution in the new year? Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. There is no unrealistic goals. With the right amount of work and effort, you can accomplish anything unless that goal is genuinely beyond your capability. 
I personally don't think New Year's resolutions are a waste of time and effort, rather they have inspired me to work harder to accomplish more in the new year. However, I never took the idea of making a New Year's resolution seriously until three years ago.
On New Years Eve of 2008, I made a pledge to myself and to all of my family that I was going to complete my first novel, Day of Revenge by the end of February in 2009. Day of Revenge is a historical fiction book set in 1793 Fran…

Never The Same

Never The Same by B.C. Fleming
About The Book: On one calm morning in late July 2006, a ten vehicle convoy departed its Forward Operating Base in southeastern Afghanistan. Destination: KANDAHAR. Less than five hours later one soldier awoke, burned and bloody, in a ditch on the side of the road. This is the story of Sergeant B.C. Fleming. A Team Leader in a Reconnaissance Platoon with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division, Fleming recounts his grueling experience of waging war in the high-desert mountains of Afghanistan. From being shot at to getting blown up TWICE to delivering humanitarian aid to impoverished children, he candidly describes "the real story" of the war in Afghanistan as he experienced it. His story is one of truth, pain, sacrifice, soul-searching, and the unthinkable adversity American troops overcome daily in order to protect and defend the American people.
My Thoughts: This is an amazing story. This story of just one soldier really makes you proud of our tr…

GelThotics Insole Review & *Giveaway*

"The Kendall GelThotics orthotic is a removable insole which radically differs from other insoles available on the market. Differences noted between the GelThotics orthotic and other insoles include:
1. The silicon gel formulation of the GelThotic allows the orthotic to provide the perfect amount of support and relief without radically altering the shoe fit. The silicon nature creates shock absorbency for various types of activity where feet are in constant motion. Hard orthotics irritate the damaged foot and end up encouraging inflammation. Due to the GelThotic's soft composition and forgiving nature, it works with the foot by supporting and correcting damage caused by years of poor arch support and inferior shoe design.
2. The shape and design is truly innovative in terms of what has been attempted in the footcare world. With the open nature of the design, the shoe completes the orthotic, and is able to provide superior support while improving lateral stability. Most orthotic…

Zumba Fitness 2

"Three million players and counting have already discovered the exhilarating Zumba Fitness interactive video game work out. Following the worldwide best-selling original, Zumba Fitness 2 builds on that phenomenal success while elevating the exer-game category to a new high of fun, effective fitness. This cutting-edge experience layers in loads of new features and improvements, amps up the dance-fitness party and gives you even more ways to sculpt your body and party yourself into shape. Get ready for the sleek, sexy physique you've always dreamed of!"
Get a total body workout with 32 electrifying new routines and music tracks, including hits from today's hottest artists including Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger and Yolanda Be Cool & DCup. Follow along as celebrity Zumba instructors Tanya Beardsley, Gina Grant and Beto guide you through each routine. New 3D models of each instructor make playing the game feel like taking a real class with Zumba's elite celebrity tr…