Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safe To Grow Kids Chair Locks Review

When we got the locks, Jason said, "Those won't work for our table." Well, once you get to know me, there is one thing you will learn: Don't ever tell me that I can't do something. Ha ha! I did it. And it was easy! And they work! Callan used to move the chairs all over the kitchen, and even get up on top of the stove! Scary! And now that Mason is walking, he is moving the chairs around too. But not anymore! I am in heaven! They can not get the chairs out from the table anymore. But when I want to, I can. I just unsnap the lock, and there you go! Quick, fast, and a solution to a problem!

* SafeToGrow™ - Chair Locks secure kitchen and dining room chairs to the table. This prevents toddlers from using chairs to climb, which prevents falls, or movement of chairs to reach dangerous objects on tables, countertops, stoves, windows, etc.

* SafeToGrow™ - Chair Locks may also be adjusted, to secure toddlers in booster seats, keeping them snug to the table. This prevents a toddler from pushing out the chair, or standing on the seat, reducing tips and flips.

Check out the Safe To Grow website HERE.

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