Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Am Going To Port Aransas, Texas!!!!

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Ok, so I am not really going to Port Aransas in Texas, but I want to! For Christmas and New Year's 2006/2007 Jason and I went to Corpus Christi, Texas. We were stationed at Fort Hood in Texas at the time and Jason had just gotten back from his year long tour of duty in Iraq. I had never seen the ocean, and so we just thought, why not? Let's go! While we were there we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I mean, come on, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in December and January??? Unheard of for us Minnesotans. On New Year's Eve we went on a casino cruise ship out into international waters, and we boarded our cruise ship in Port Aransas, which was maybe a 15 minute drive from Corpus Christi. It looked like so much fun and like such a kid-oriented family-friendly place. I told Jason I wanted to come back there some day, and he agreed. So now that we have the kiddos, I would love not only to go back to Texas, but to go to Port Aransas specifically.

It would be fun to try deep sea fishing! Although I am not sure that would be a very kid friendly experience. Some kiddo activities I would like to take Callan and Mason to in Port Aransas would be of course the beach! Oh, it would be so cool to go during the Texas Sandfest in April! That is when hundreds of artists come and build sand castles and sculptures! Or we could go on a dolphin cruise! We could go to Mustang Island State Park. We could check out some of the lighthouses. And we would definetly have to go to Aransas Pass. We could even go to the Padre Islands, and maybe even take a day trip in to Mexico. But most of all, just experiencing the Gulf of Mexico vibe, the laid back attitude, the "let's just do whatever we want when we want" kind of vacation. We need that as a family. I need that as a mama. And what wonderful memories a vacation like this would be. Sigh. Now I am dreaming, but maybe it is something we should plan and look forward to. I am sentimental about the Gulf of Mexico from the Texas Coast. We conceived Callan shortly after our vacation there, and after many many years of fertility issues, and Callan was born in Texas. So, maybe that is it. But doesn't a trip like this sound awesome?

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