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Monday, February 3, 2014

Historical Heartthrobs - Valentine's Day Gift Guide #Giveaway

Historical Heartthrobs by Kelly Murphy

About The Book:
This book compiles photos and life stories of 50 of the sexiest men and women from history and asks the essential question: Would you really want to date them? Some are artists, some are scientists, and many are political or military leaders, but all have had a lasting impact on human life - and a sizable impact on their admirers as well. Each entry describes the period in which the heartthrob lived and includes essential stats, hilarious sidebars, and, of course, a “crushability” ranking: a measurement of how crush-worthy these people really are, based on their relative levels of heroism (or villainy).

My Thoughts:
This is a great fun read! You get to learn a bit of history, but also sort of get to get in on the gossip of the times. And drool over some of the heartthrobs yourself! A fun book for you, or as a gift to someone who loves history!

About The Author:
Born and raised among the sprawling cornfields of rural Pennsylvania, Kelly Murphy now writes from her child-sized apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Her articles have appeared in Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based, Chic Today, NCTE’s The Council Chronicle, and various other publications. Kelly graduated from Penn State with a degree in English and currently works in publishing. She wrote Historical Heartthrobs with Hallie Fryd.


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