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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Getting The RV Ready

I am super excited to go camping this summer and use our new RV, that we only used twice last year. It is not a brand new RV. But it is new to us. There were some repairs that needed to be done to it, and Jason is pretty handy that way. And I get to decorate the inside, which is super fun, right? And we need to redo all the upholstery and foam. I am so not a seamstress and not good at any of that stuff. So thank goodness there is Foam By Mail where they can help me with custom foam factory cushions. So I am all set there.

I think we will take our maiden voyage sometime in mid-June this year, and I am thinking it will be to Big Falls campground, since it seems to be good fishing, and Callan enjoys the swimming. I can not wait!

Any big camping plans for any of you this summer?


#HPWarehouseSale Giveaway

Wednesday, April 17th at 12:00 AM PT to Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59 PM PT.
Five (5) winners will receive a $100 HP gift card. Users enter the giveaway by heading to the HP page on and submitting their email address on the form at the top of the page. The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Wednesday (5/1) via the email address they used to enter.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

I Love Being A Homeowner

I love being a homeowner. Did I ever think I would actually get to become one? No, not really. I thought we would be the family who always rented. And that would have been okay too. We did it for many years. Even when the boys were young. But when we had the opportunity to own our own home, we took it. It was not an easy task to get a home loan though. It involved a lot more than I ever thought it would, really. But we found a great bank that helped us. And when we had to refinance on our mortgage, they were there for that too. I feel like we were pretty lucky, actually. It is a great bank for home loans, self employed loans, personal loans, etc. Yeah, we hit the jackpot with them! And they were excellent at helping us navigate with military home loans as well, which also can be very tricky. So shout out to Security Bank!

And now it is close to springtime. Well, actually the calendar did tell me it was spring, but here in Minnesota, we still have snow. In fact, over the weekend we just had a blizzard. Yes, in April. Mother Nature hates us. But I want to get out in my garden and actually plant some stuff! I should have already started my seeds indoors, but last year that did not turn out so well. I did not label the seeds very well and did not know if I had carrots or cucumbers and when I transferred to the actual garden my carrots failed and I had a bumper crop of cucumbers! Ha ha! It was actually kind of funny. But this year, I am hoping for a more harmonious garden. And besides my vegetables, I can not wait to tend to my new flower garden.

Jason built me a memorial garden bed for Mason and my father. We got the soil for it but have yet to be able to put the flowers in it, so I am highly looking forward to that this year, as I think Callan is as well. Another perk of owning our own home! I have been searching for a stone or some sort of statue to place in the flower garden, but have yet to find the right thing I am looking for. And of course I do not want it to cost an arm and a leg. I also was thinking maybe a birdbath of some type. I just want it to be a peaceful place where we can go sit and visit and have our thoughts and pray. Since the cemetery where Mason is at is so far away, I especially want a place for Callan when he needs it.

What projects are you looking forward to this spring and summer? I would love to hear about them! Please share them with us! Thanks, and Happy Spring, because despite what Mother Nature says, it is out there!


Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Law School Journey

When my husband told me last summer that he wanted to go back to college, I was not really phased. He often times seeks to better himself. What did phase me was that he chose to study pre-law. Ummmm, what? He is nearly 40 years old, he already had a good stable job, and we certainly were set in our ways financially and doing just fine. And this a huge thing to take on. Of course, I supported him, and thus he began his journey.

But it is not going to be an easy task. And he is still in his first year, but the workload is already fierce. But I have never met a more determined person than my husband. This is the man that came home after 9/11 had happened and told me point blank - “I enlisted today,” and I of course responded, “Ok, then we are getting married.” And here we are. He already has 4 Associate’s Degrees, so why not go for some more? Some concerns were his time for work versus school, because yes, he would still have to hold down a full time job, as well as attend school full time. And what about time for the family? I was used to him being gone from being an Army wife, but Callan had never experienced his dad being absent, and after the initial few years of pre-law, there would be actual Law School, where he would have to go to the Twin Cities, miles from where we currently reside, to attend school. But, I always get too far ahead of myself, and Jason told me to calm down, and think of the here and now. Not always an easy task, but I try. Still, concerns lay with me daily. Especially as I watch him struggle to juggle it all. Though, somehow he manages to do it with a finesse I would never be able to muster.

After law school, I asked him what sort of law he would like to practice, and he said maybe Personal Injury or even Criminal Law, like the people at KFB Law. But maybe he will do something else such as Commercial Law, or something even along the lines of Political Law or Government Relations, due to his history with the military and his current interests with his seat on the local city council and his recent run as Mayor. But I know that whatever he does, he will do it well, and he will be a better person for it. And he will have contributed greatly to our society, not to mention our family.

Are you or a loved one interested in pre-law or political sciences? There is a great program at Bemidji State University. Along with other great courses and career paths! A great place to study and live and grow! A place in beautiful Northern Minnesota with a rich history! Also, a great place to raise a family and grow your roots! I highly recommend it! But I am not biased or anything, wink wink!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Is Assisted Living Right for Your Loved One?

As loved ones grow older, it can be difficult to assess if they need extra help around the house. If so, how much attention do they require? What kind of help should you turn to? Below is a breakdown of signs that your loved one may need extra support and the types of care available to them.

Signs That Assisted Living Is Needed

There is a wide range of ways to test whether a senior is in need of outside care. A simple assessment can involve seeing how many daily activities your loved one can complete on his or her own. This includes ability in dressing, bathing and going to the bathroom, as well as a broader determination of whether he or she can successfully pay bills, cook and socialize.
Aside from those indications, there are others to watch out for when entering a loved one’s home. Extreme changes in weight, frailness or body odor indicate the senior is not taking proper care of him or herself. Bills sitting in a large pile of unopened mail or an obvious lack of cleaning and old takeout meals means the senior may no longer be able to perform functions like cleaning up, cooking or paying bills. An increase in medical conditions that require extra attention also suggests a senior needs help.

Types of Assisted Living

Just googling places near you, like home care massachusetts, will pull up results for various options that you can choose from. The care you can obtain for your loved one ranges from very little involvement, like helping with small daily activities within the senior’s home, to full-time care, like nursing homes where staff is available 24 hours to help with any needs. An alternative option can be an adult foster care group that assists your loved one not just at home, but on outings in his or her community.
It’s always difficult to see loved ones reach a point where they require extra help. However, that doesn’t mean their quality of life will suffer — it will just receive a helping hand along the way.

National Blue & Green Day

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Shaping and Maintaining Beautiful Brows

It’s official: thin, skinny eyebrows are out and thick, full eyebrows are in. The size and shape of your brows can really make an impact on your overall look. Here are some simple ways to care for your eyebrows and keep them looking their absolute best while following this latest trend.

Remove Unwanted Hairs

Even thin, over-plucked brows still need to be cleaned up on a regular basis. Unkempt eyebrows can actually appear smaller in addition to looking unsightly. If you’re not a fan of waxing and plucking, you may want to try the eyebrow threading jacksonville beach fl salons offer. A natural, alternative method of hair removal, threading may be a more appealing option to those with sensitive skin.

Grow Fuller Eyebrows

If you want to grow more hair to fill in your sparse brows, mix up a combination of one part coconut oil and two parts castor oil and store the mixture in a small jar. Use a disposable mascara wand brush to liberally apply the mixture to clean eyebrows every night before bed. When used on a regular basis, these oils may be effective in boosting hair growth. Be sure to use organic, unrefined cold-pressed versions to achieve the best results.

Find the Right Makeup

There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a product to fill in and define your eyebrows. Be prepared to try different brands, products and shades in order to find the best solution for your individual needs. Gels, powders and pencils are popular products that can get the job done. New stain pens that mimic the effects of microblading are another option that may provide a more natural look by creating the appearance of individual hairs.

With minimal effort and the right routine in place, you could create full, beautiful eyebrows for a natural, more youthful look.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

#SpringIntoHomeDepot Giveaway & Deals!

Tuesday, April 9th at 12:00 AM PT to Wednesday, April 17th at 11:59 PM PT.
Ten (10) winners will receive a $50 Home Depot gift card. Users enter the giveaway by heading to the Home Depot page on and submitting their email address on the form at the top of the page. The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Thursday (4/18) via the email address they used to enter.

Easter Gifts For Grownups #Easter2019

Maintenance Repairs You Should Never Skip For Your Car

Don't Let Your Car Breakdown
For many car owners, they typically ride their car right up to the point where the car finally breaks down. Because going to the local repair shop can be seen as a hassle, many don't do it. However, this can be a costly mistake to make. Not only does fixing a broken car end up costing you more than just having your car tuned up when it needs it, but it also means even more of your time is spent waiting for your car to be fixed. In order to keep your car going strong, here are a few tune-up repairs that you should always send your car in for.

1. Oil Change
You've likely heard how important oil is but you may not understand why. Think of oil as the lifeblood of your car. It's responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. When that oil runs out, your car runs a lot harder and can break. That's why having your oil levels inspected regularly is a good idea. However, besides the amount of oil in your car, the quality of oil in your car is just as important. Old oil doesn't perform its job as well and can actually make your car run a lot harder. You should also have an oil change service Brevard NC performed regularly.

2. Transmission Check
Another vital part of your car is the transmission. Your car can't shift or, as its name suggests, transition correctly if the transmission is broken or worn down. If you have a transmission fluid leak, for example, that is an important fluid that can cause your car to break down without it. Because the transmission isn't in the easiest place for you to see for yourself, it's a good idea to just bring it in and let the repair shop take a look at it. They can tell you from the get-go if your car's in trouble.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ian Doescher's Pop Shakespeare Series

Quirk Books continues the tradition of blending Shakespeare and Pop Culture with Ian Doescher's Pop Shakespeare Series.
About The Book:
In the iconic film by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, teenaged Marty McFly travels back in time from the 1980's to the 1950's, changing the path of his parents’ well as his own. Now fans of the movie can journey back even further - to the 16th century, when the Bard of Avon unveils his latest masterpiece: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future! Every scene and line of dialogue from the hit movie is re-created with authentic Shakespearean rhyme, meter, and stage directions. This reimagining also includes jokes and Easter eggs for movie fans, from Huey Lewis call-outs to the inner thoughts of Einstein (the dog). By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be convinced that Shakespeare had a time-traveling DeLorean of his own, speeding to our era so he could pen this time-tossed tale.
About The Book:
Power struggles. Bitter rivalries. Jealousy. Betrayals. Star-crossed lovers. When you consider all these plot points, it’s pretty surprising William Shakespeare didn’t write Mean Girls. But now fans can treat themselves to the epic drama - and heroic hilarity - of the classic teen comedy rendered with the wit, flair, and iambic pentameter of the Bard. Our heroine Cady disguises herself to infiltrate the conniving Plastics, falls for off-limits Aaron, struggles with her allegiance to newfound friends Damian and Janis, and stirs up age-old vendettas among the factions of her high school. Best-selling author Ian Doescher brings his signature Shakespearean word-smithing to this cult classic beloved by generations of teen girls and other fans. Now, on the 15th anniversary of its release, Mean Girls is a recognized cultural phenomenon, and it’s more than ready for an Elizabethan makeover.

About The Author:
Ian Doescher is the New York Times best-selling author of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family.

Check it all out at Quirk Books on Facebook, as well as Quirk Books on Twitter.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible

Sparkle And Change Bible
About The Book: 
The Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible is sure to be a hit with girls! This fabulous material is on everything from pillows to t-shirts. The sequins change color right before your eyes. Girls will love the design and will want to carry this Bible with them everywhere! The Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible: Silver and Gold NKJV features sequins that change color depending on which way your child swipes. It’s double the fun! This Bible is perfect for kids ages 6 to 10 to take to Sunday school, read with the family, or study on their own. The accurate and reliable New King James Version also contains beautifully illustrated insert pages in a style that will delight children's imaginations and include topics such as: Bible timeline information about Jesus, Journaling for favorite Bible verses, Bible maps, Study helps such as how to study the Bible and how to pray, Articles to build a child's faith, including How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me?, Bible Verses to Know, and Knowing Jesus Better. Your little girl will love her Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible!

My Thoughts:
This is a super cute bible, I wanted to keep it for myself, but I am gifting it to my niece who is in her second year of Awanas and will love this bible, and cherish it for a long time. I think it is beautifully put together and it is a nice starter bible for a young lady.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Brooklyn Cloth

Brooklyn Cloth is a fashion-forward line in the “fast fashion” junior’s market, co-founded by Daron Jacob while working with Urban Outfitters and Tilly’s. Jacob noticed many of the kid's products in the mass market were too pricey, so he created fresh designs for a low price point with Brooklyn Cloth. Created to fit the laid-back, yet distinguished child that roams the boroughs of New York City, the design team mirrors this demographic and lifestyle. The energy and attitude of bustling streets and the vibes of the East Coast are woven into the fabrics of the garments, giving off an authentic, pure aesthetic of this unique lifestyle. The makers design their own fabrics, beginning from the yarn level - focusing on items such as Joggers, Shorts, and tees using Space Dye and Snow. Jacob notes, “We are focused on the Gen Z consumer. Someone who is not defined as one fashion or style but likes to change up their looks depending on their mood.” 
Established in 2011, Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that enables customers to express their individuality. Brooklyn Cloth stands out for its unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics, and must-have silhouettes They observe trends that define today’s market to bring fresh, expressive collections to the table.

We received some awesome pieces for the guys. I love that some of them are matching so Callan and Jason can go out matching and styling. Here's some of what we got, and yes, I stole the super comfy Army camo Joggers for myself! Sooo comfy!
Check it all out at Brooklyn Cloth on Facebook, as well as Brooklyn Cloth on Twitter.

Monday, April 1, 2019

#LOrealxTarget Giveaway & Deals

Monday, April 1st at 12:00 AM ET to Friday, April 5th at 11:59 PM ET.
Five (5) winners will receive a $50 Target e-gift card. Users enter the giveaway by heading to the Target page on and submitting their email address on the form at the top of the page. The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Monday (4/8) via the email address they used to enter.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Glory Road

Glory Road by Lauren Denton

About The Book: 
The only thing certain is change - even in a place as steady as Perry, Alabama, on a street as old as Glory Road. Nearly a decade after her husband’s affair drove her back home to South Alabama, Jessie McBride has the stable life she wants - operating her garden shop, Twig, next door to her house on Glory Road, and keeping up with her teenage daughter and spunky mother. But the unexpected arrival of two men makes Jessie question whether she’s really happy with the status quo. When handsome, wealthy businessman Sumner Tate asks her to arrange flowers for his daughter’s lavish wedding, Jessie finds herself drawn to his continued attention. Then Ben Bradley, her lingering what-could-have-been from high school, moves back to the red dirt road, and she feels her heart pulled in directions she never expected. Meanwhile, Jessie’s fourteen-year-old daughter, Evan, is approaching the start of high school and navigating a new world of emotions - particularly as they relate to the cute new guy who’s moved in just down the road. At the same time, Jessie’s mother, Gus, is suffering increasingly frequent memory lapses and faces a frightening, uncertain future. In one summer, everything will change. But for these three strong Southern women, the roots they’ve planted on Glory Road will give life to the adventures waiting just around the curve.

About The Author:
Lauren Denton is the author of USA Today bestselling novels The Hideaway and Hurricane Season. She was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and now lives with her husband and two daughters in Homewood, just outside Birmingham. Though her husband tries valiantly to turn her into a mountain girl, she’d still rather be at the beach.

My Thoughts:
This is a great read to leap into for the spring. New beginnings and such! The women are such great characters, and it is a great generational story as well, with Gus aging, and Evan coming of age, and Jessie being the main stay of it all. I loved it.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

B.Nutty Gourmet Peanut Butter

We got some yummy flavors of B.Nutty Gourmet Peanut Butter! Blissful Blueberries! A nice twist and yummy on pancakes and different things other than toast!
And Irresistible Pretzel, which I have to say is my new fave, especially on an English muffin.
And Totally Toffee, which is a real treat! I could eat it out of the jar!!!
Check it all out at B.Nutty on Facebook, as well as B.Nutty on Twitter.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Chiller Pack - A Summer Essential

Chill.Systems has launched a line of summer essentials that everyone could use! Last year they completely reinvented the portable cooler with the Chiller. It’s a football-sized beverage refrigerator that can go anywhere and it does it all without ice! This year Chill.Systems is back with two super cool additions. Designed to further enhance the cooling power of the Chiller, the Chiller’s Pack and the Chiller’s Tote perfectly insulate the original Chiller and extend its freeze duration up to 24 hours. Plus the Chiller’s Pack doubles as a hydration bag, making it great for long hiking trips, music festivals and much more. 
The Chiller’s Pack – Carries 6 beers or 3 wine bottles plus the Chiller inside. The Chiller’s Tote – Carries 12 beers or 4 bottles of wine in addition to your Chiller. Comes with wine glass holders, a picnic blanket sleeve, space for a laptop or tablet and plenty of room for snacks. Both bags work seamlessly with the Chiller or as standalone items and come with an available hydration bladder, stainless steel wine cups, beer/wine openers, and koozies. 

Check it all out at the Chill Systems on Facebook, as well as Chill Systems on Twitter.