Monday, February 3, 2014

SiliconeZone Heart Pan - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Back in 2003, when kitchens were still the “clatter crash clack” of metal utensils, SiliconeZone introduced the first avant-garde silicone kitchenware into the market. Highlighting its flexible qualities, non-stick properties and ease in cleaning, responses from around the world is phenomenal. SiliconeZone’s ingenuity has, within a decade, quite literally synthesized a new kitchenware category. Today SiliconeZone continues the tradition of innovation as recognized in numerous international design competitions and the media. Their maxim, “Life is Art” defines the motives behind each and every product they create that speaks aesthetics and functions beyond the common sense. Get started cooking and experience art in cooking.
For Valentine's Day, or any time, use the Large Heart Cake Pan! Any special occasion can be made extraordinary with this heart shape baking pan. Make that moment even more precious with this non-stick pan which makes heart shaped cakes and other puddings. I can't wait to make a cake for Hubby on V-Day! So much fun, and I love silicone cook ware.

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