Sunday, October 8, 2023

Stormless #BookTober

About The Book:
The world you are about to enter is very different from the one you know. Auris is a place of storms and chaos where seven violent Tempests rule the land, wreaking havoc across the continent. Only the Summoners, bearers of powers not unlike those of the divine Tempests themselves, have the strength to stand against the tyranny of the storms. Society depends upon the enigmatic Summoner-empowering Crystals for survival. Yet when a Summoner bearing powers that should not exist appears on Arvendon’s doorstep, the world begins spiraling into chaos. Castien Varic, a common soldier, finds himself in the throes of a coming war. He embarks on a mission with the most legendary of Auris’s Summoners, hoping to discover the truth behind the resurfacing of the Ancient Summoner. Faelyn Titansworn, heir to the largest of Auris’s empires and one of the most powerful Summoners in the world, finds himself lost in his father’s shadow. When a conspiracy threatens to destroy all that he knows and loves, Faelyn takes it upon himself to save not just his kingdom, but all of Auris. Asteros Silverglade bears the powers of a god. Two years in the past, he, along with five others of his Sect, uncover the hidden secrets that the world has tried to erase. Yet they soon learn that the mysteries of the baffling event known as the Vanishing - the war that somehow caused over half of Auris’s Summoners to disappear without a trace - run far deeper than they could’ve ever imagined. These three heroes walk the threads of fate, together weaving an epic tale of magic, war, love, and loss. Together these individuals will forever change Auris’s future. Empires will shatter, Tempests will be Unbound, but destiny will prevail as these heroes face their fated ends.

About The Author:
Nick Stitle is just seventeen years old. He lives in Indiana with his mom, dad, older brother, and two dogs. While Stormless is his first “real” book, it is far from the first story he has told. He has always been fascinated with reading, and once he began middle school, he thought he’d try writing. As he learned and grew as a student, his writing also improved. He connected with other readers and writers in his grade, compelling him to work even harder on his writing. He juggled tennis, golf, writing, and reading throughout middle school and built an impressive academic resume. And, of course, he always loved (and still does love) to kill a few hours on PlayStation gaming with friends. However, beginning in high school, he started to take writing more seriously. After finishing his freshman tennis season, which would ultimately be the only season he played in high school, he began formulating a new story. Fast-forward nearly a year, and after spending all summer relentlessly working on his tennis skills, injuries forced him to stop. He soon realized, however, that this was an opportunity to begin working on the project he had been so carefully putting together in his head. And so, starting in the fall of 2021, he began writing Stormless. He woke up early every day to work on the project before school, and by May, he was finished. He was paired with an editor on Reedsy, and after spending the summer working with her and revising his work, Stormless was nearly complete. Since then, he has begun working on a new, untitled project while continuing to tighten up Stormless. He has recently started a social media account to connect with other writers! He doesn’t plan to stop writing stories, writing is his passion, and his dream is to one day share his stories with readers around the world.

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