Monday, March 8, 2021

New Word: Renewal #WordsOfTheYear2021

As part of my Words Of The Year, the next word on my list is Renewal. What does this word mean? 
For me, it is the more religious meaning I suppose - because I am not resuming anything or really extending anything, expect maybe hopefully my own life (see my Sobriety post). I am repairing something I suppose, as in myself. And yes, I am seeking out my Faith, but that will be another word. So I guess what Renewal means to me is a new beginning, in a way. To go at life with a new vigor. To be open to new possibilities and new away of thinking. Try new things. Do new things. Experience new things. Revitalize myself. And my house, My life, my world, my surroundings, and maybe my family if they are willing to take some of these small journeys with, and so far they are.
Becoming a better person is part of it I suppose. But that is something I will likely spend the rest of my life on. But at least I can be consciously aware of it. And actively try to do that. It is not going to be the snap of my fingers and boom - there I am renewed and all better. I know I am highly judgmental. I am sure I always will be. But I can try hard not to be. I can take a beat before I say something or do something. To me, that is progress. Being more charitable, being more forgiving. Forgiveness towards other and towards myself. Because I do feel there is a lot I have to forgive myself for. There is also a lot I have to atone for. Those things do not happen overnight.
Renewal I suppose is also a form of awakening. When you realize that there are things you want to change. You may not know how to change them, but you seek to find ways to do so. 

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