Monday, January 4, 2021

My #WordsOfTheYear2021

I have seen this across many blogs and social media, and yes it might be a little hokey to jump on a trend but.....heck, why not. Word(s) of The Year. Some people just chose one. I have chosen many.

Elisabeth Mcknight has a whole list to help you chose from. But she only lists two of my words.

Kirsten at Tribe Of Burton offers a beautiful idea list, but none of my words are on there.

The Dayspring Quiz for 2021 Word of The Year gave me the word: Comfort, which is nice. But....not what I am looking for exactly. So...WHAT are my words for this coming year? I think I have name a few of them in recent posts....and you will see a theme if you read me regualry.

Detox - as in my mind, my body, my home, my life
Renovate - much of the same as above
and....last but not least, something I need to continue to work on...

What is/are your Word(s) Of The Year?


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