Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Another Word: Sober, But Not One Of My #WordsOfTheYear2021

I was going to add Sober to my Words of the Year List, but I think this one stands alone. On St. Patrick's Day, funnily enough, will be my 2-year sober-versary from alcohol. And yes, I feel the need to clarify alcohol because yes, I have done other drugs, but it has been years. I can't even count how many. I lost count after 11. And that was around 2013.

Why did I choose to become Sober? Because of my family, of course. It was time. I was going out to the bar every single weekend and even on some week nights. Plus drinking at home nightly. What example did that set for my son? Not a good one, certainly.

I can give excuses. Reasons. Causes. But that would be the disease. And did I go to counseling or do The Steps? No. Should I have? Maybe. But I did it Cold Turkey. Was that healthy? Probably not the most. But I did it. And have no regrets.

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