Monday, February 1, 2021

Renovation - #WordsOfTheYear2021 #Renovation2021

The next word on my Words Of The Year list is Renovation. We have been working on our house for awhile, in preparation to sell in a few years. Jason - my hubby - is Pre-Law and will be taking his LSATs and be attending Law School which will require us to move to be closer to whichever law school he attends, since we now live in an area which is not close to a law school. So far we have redone the foundation, gotten new windows, done some landscaping in the yard, redone the flooring in the landing in the basement, redone Callan's room completely - flooring, walls, and he needed all new furniture to match his growing frame. We have painted the entire house interior, and gotten new cabinetry in the bathroom. We redid the backsplash in the kitchen, and are currently switching the entire upstairs from all carpet to all hardwood. I feel like there has been a perpetual layer of sawdust in my home. 
While all the home renovation is wonderful, I chose the word Renovation not only because of the work on the home, but also because of the work on our life. On ourselves. We have been trying to live cleaner lives and become healthier. This has been a journey for awhile, as both Jason and Callan are allergic to dairy and have to eat different and I have had to learn to cook differently. We have also decided to use different things for personal care and cleaning, etc. We have taken more notice of the things we purchase and how we dispose of things. Renovation means improving, essentially. And that is what we aim to do, in all things.

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