Saturday, August 22, 2020

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The original post published on 9/18/2015 can be found here.
This is Mason's Tribute that will be featured on the Gallery Of Hope at the LifeSource facility in Minnesota.


Mason Kolb
October 16, 2009 - August 29, 2011
Donor, Minnesota 
Through our loss of our youngest son, Mason Daniel Kolb, we have some small victory. Mason donated his organs, and saved 5 lives, and improved 21 lives with his musculoskeletal donation. To us, that is astonishing, and Mason is our hero! Mason passed away due to an accident at home in 2011, causing Brain Death. He was two months shy of his 2nd birthday. Mason laughed more than any kid we ever knew. Always happy. Mason was born in October 2009. He was truly a gift from God, since after our first son, Callan, was born in 2008, we were not supposed to be able to have more children due to infertility issues. But Mason was stubborn – from fetus and onward! He was a very healthy baby boy, and growing into an inquisitive toddler. He adored his big brother and wanted to do everything just like Callan. Mason was an observer and would sit back and just take everything in. He was incredibly smart. He had a naughty streak in him too, but we could never ever stay mad at him when he did something naughty. He would give us what we call his “squishy face look”, and you could not help but smile. Mason laughed more than any kid we ever knew. Very rarely was he ever crying or pouting. We were just starting to plan Mason’s 2nd birthday party. He was 22-months old when he died from an accident at home. Something deep inside of both parents knew that our little guy was not going to make it, and before the nurses asked, we already knew that we would donate Mason’s organs. That is a very hard decision for a parent of such a young child to make…..but you would have had to of known Mason to know that it was the right choice. He was a giver and sharer in all things in his little life. We wholeheartedly did the right thing, and have no regrets. We as a family are so honored that our son was able to help so many others.


With love, from Mama, Daddy, and Big Brother Callan.

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