Monday, April 13, 2020

#BlastFromPast A Challenge?

I've been doing some thinking, and as much as I love to bring you reviews and totally awesome giveaways, I miss just blogging, just writing, getting personal - getting back to my blogging roots. Not that anyone really ever followed me then or even commented, but I did it for me. I blogged throughout Jason's tour in Iraq, I blogged about our journey to get pregnant, the fertility treatments, the emotions. I blogged about the pregnancy of Callan when it finally happened. I blogged about Jason's military injury and our having to get out of the Army. I blogged about the highs and the lows of my life. The surprise pregnancy of Mason! My life as a mama. And then I jumped on the review & giveaway bandwagon. I keep a paper journal for me (and I suppose some day for my kids to read). But I used to blog for me, about me, about my family, etc., all the time, and loved it, and for me, it was therapeutic. I could write about crazy mommy things and find out that I was not the only one who was crazy. Yeah, you have kids, you automatically join The Crazy Club! Your kids - they are crazy busy, they make you crazy, they drive you crazy, they keep you crazy.

So anyways, since when I do post a personal blog post now, I rarely get as many comments as I do on a review and giveaway post, which I am sure is natural. I have all these lovely devoted followers, but they come here for the giveaways, right? But....even if you only come here for the giveaways, which is totally fine and I love you for it, I would like to see a comment on other things here and there. Is that too much to ask? I guess maybe the heart of this is that I seek adult interaction, ha! I am stuck at home 24/7 with two wild and crazy busy boys under the age of the 3. Yeah, do you blame me for needing to talk to an adult once in awhile? Ha!

So anyways, ramble ramble....I tend to do that..... I am going to challenge myself - and you - to blog a personal blog (a non-review or giveaway post) everyday in the month of May. I know that is a long time from now, nearly a month....but if you want, start now and end on May 4th....that's a month of blogging. Who knows, I might do that too - start now. That is the challenge to myself: Blog everyday on a personal level. The challenge to you as my readers is: comment on a personal blog, not only on a giveaway post. Hmmmm. I'll probably be disappointing myself on this one.....but at least I am sure I can meet the challenge I am giving to myself!

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