Saturday, June 22, 2019

When Bad Weather Happens

When I was a little girl, I was in a tornado. Living in the Midwest, we get them a lot in the spring and summer months. Heck, sometimes even in the fall! It is a reality of life here. It is a good thing I enjoy a good thunderstorm. Though in reality we do not get the damaging rip your house off the ground and ruin everything all together like the Wizard of Oz type of tornado that often. But the tornado I was in was pretty scary for my 12 year old self. Actually, I have been in a few of them, but this was one was more memorable than the other ones.

We were at our cabin on Mille Lacs Lake and Dad was out on the lake fishing, as we were at the resort with Mom playing in the arcade and such, when the sirens blew and the owners of the chalet said it was time to get in the storm cellar. Mom panicked because Dad was still on the lake fishing and in those days there were no cell phones to communicate, and how were we to know if the men were getting off the lake in time? So a bunch of people were crammed into the storm cellar, but the cellar was really a storage workroom, with tools in it and such. I remember the wind blowing fiercely and the sharp tools on the wall shaking, and thinking something was going to fly off and stab me, and my mom crying, worried about my dad on the lake, and looking out a tiny window and seeing the twin tornadoes on the lake, someone called them sisters, twirling up water, and watching what seemed like a million boats race for shore. It was amazing and scary. But from what I remember everyone made it to safety.

A lot of people in Minnesota have tornado roofs, or otherwise known as hip roofs. Hip roofs are inherently more aerodynamic and wind-resistant than gables. In addition, they are better because there will be an overhang to shed water away from the walls, as well as shading windows. You can not really build a storm resistant home, because if a tornado or straight line winds hit your home, you are going to get some damage. It is just a fact. And no, it is not like in the movie Twister, where the tornado picks and chooses homes as Jo thinks. A tornado just goes, and goes. And if you are in the path, you are in the path. It is what it is, and it sucks. And do not forget that a bad thunderstorm can cause a lot of damage with just wind and rain and hail as well. We have had plenty of damage with trees down, and siding and shingles off just from wind! A plain old thunderstorm can be scary as well!

We have been fortunate enough not to need weather repair on our house, but if we were to need it, I would find a local reputable business such as Westchase Roofing to take care of all our roofing and home repair needs.
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