Sunday, April 14, 2019

I Love Being A Homeowner

I love being a homeowner. Did I ever think I would actually get to become one? No, not really. I thought we would be the family who always rented. And that would have been okay too. We did it for many years. Even when the boys were young. But when we had the opportunity to own our own home, we took it. It was not an easy task to get a home loan though. It involved a lot more than I ever thought it would, really. But we found a great bank that helped us. And when we had to refinance on our mortgage, they were there for that too. I feel like we were pretty lucky, actually. It is a great bank for home loans, self employed loans, personal loans, etc. Yeah, we hit the jackpot with them! And they were excellent at helping us navigate with military home loans as well, which also can be very tricky. So shout out to Security Bank!

And now it is close to springtime. Well, actually the calendar did tell me it was spring, but here in Minnesota, we still have snow. In fact, over the weekend we just had a blizzard. Yes, in April. Mother Nature hates us. But I want to get out in my garden and actually plant some stuff! I should have already started my seeds indoors, but last year that did not turn out so well. I did not label the seeds very well and did not know if I had carrots or cucumbers and when I transferred to the actual garden my carrots failed and I had a bumper crop of cucumbers! Ha ha! It was actually kind of funny. But this year, I am hoping for a more harmonious garden. And besides my vegetables, I can not wait to tend to my new flower garden.

Jason built me a memorial garden bed for Mason and my father. We got the soil for it but have yet to be able to put the flowers in it, so I am highly looking forward to that this year, as I think Callan is as well. Another perk of owning our own home! I have been searching for a stone or some sort of statue to place in the flower garden, but have yet to find the right thing I am looking for. And of course I do not want it to cost an arm and a leg. I also was thinking maybe a birdbath of some type. I just want it to be a peaceful place where we can go sit and visit and have our thoughts and pray. Since the cemetery where Mason is at is so far away, I especially want a place for Callan when he needs it.

What projects are you looking forward to this spring and summer? I would love to hear about them! Please share them with us! Thanks, and Happy Spring, because despite what Mother Nature says, it is out there!


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