Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dancing Deer Baking Co. For #Holidays2017

Holiday Gifts from Dancing Deer Baking Co. are now available to order! They have a wide variety of gourmet cookie and brownie gifts for all occasions from under $20 to upwards of $130 and everything in between. They even have new Gluten Free gift baskets and for their New Christmas Bakery Gift Plus, they have taken all their best-selling Christmas Bakery Gift Assortments including their award-winning Molasses cookies and brownie and added one of their delicious pound cakes. And the new hamper-style gift box can come filled with lots of delicious treats.
We got the Christmas Bakery Gift - Something for everyone in this charming gift box. Eight soft and chewy Molasses cookies, 4 rich and decadent Chocolate Chunk brownies, along with 10 Chocolate Sea Salt Stars, a bag of 8 festive Snowflake cookies, and 2 hand-decorated Holiday Tree cookies. Needless to say, in our house, these treats did not last long! Yum!

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