Monday, February 13, 2017

WaterPura Wipes

WaterPura makes chemical-free water wipes for baby, and was founded in April of 2016 by Emily Frazer, CPSM. Emily is the Director of Supply Chain Management at Crescent Manufacturing in North Collins, New York, a family-owned business which makes private brand laundry and household cleaning products for major grocery and drug store chains. WaterPura operates its own blending and warehousing facility in Silver Creek, New York and receives logistic and resource support from Crescent Manufacturing. Emily began work developing WaterPura chemical-free water wipes in 2013 after the birth of her son, Archie.
Archie was born with a full head of red hair and very sensitive skin, and he was frequently troubled with diaper rash. When Emily realized how many chemicals were in her baby wipes - even the “natural, fragrance free” baby wipes she was using - she believed the baby wipes were part of the problem, and began her search for something better. In August of 2016, after many months of sampling and testing, Emily’s first sample run of 1,000 packs was a success. She is proud and excited to bring you this chemical-free alternative to conventional baby wipes.

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