Friday, April 29, 2016

Fuel Yourself, And Save The Planet

With Climate Change at the top of this Election year debate, celebrating Earth Day last week has never been more important. Earth Day is intended to raise awareness about environmental issues and problems and to inspire people to take personal action to address them. Trudeau’s FUEL offers small changes we can make everyday in the way we eat and drink that truly have a global effect on the planet. Simple things like eating more sustainable, packing meals to go, refilling water bottles, and replacing foil, plastic wraps, and bags with reusable earth-friendly containers do make a difference. FUEL is full of environmentally friendly food and beverage storage containers for those who not only want to help protect the planet, but who are making healthier, greener food and snack choices and require meal storage specialization to match their on-the-go lifestyles. Designed to minimize environmental impact throughout each product’s life-cycle and to encourage packing a waste-free lunch - FUEL combines product innovation and durable construction to keep foods fresh and are easy to carry, clean, and re-use. The FUEL line has won the prestigious “Sustainable Development” award for its eco-design logic and materials. All FUEL products are BPA-free, include a lifetime warranty and many are available in two fashionable colors: Kiwi and Raspberry. FUEL includes more than 25 SKU’s, retailing from $4.99-$19.99, and is sold at mass market, supermarket, specialty, and chain stores retailers nationwide.
Fuel Bento Box - Get a full four-course meal with the FUEL Bento Box. This flexible, multi-functional container is perfect for designing a well-balanced meal and allows for some creative and delicious food pairings. The removable inner partitions provide clean separation between food items. Use this all-in-one container to pack fruits, veggies, proteins, salty snacks, or a sweet treat. Microwave safe, so you can heat conveniently heat up your meal.
FUEL Food to Go Container - Regular plastic containers and cutlery don’t exactly have the best lifespan as they become cloudy, scratched and degraded, making them more likely to leach chemicals into food. The 34 oz. capacity FUEL Food to Go Container is a sturdy, BPA free case that can hold both light and hearty meals, making it a breeze to take a fulfilling lunch to work or school. The container comes equipped with a removable cutlery case that contains a strong reusable fork and knife so you’ll never forget to take utensils with you. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
FUEL Snack'n Dip - For all ages, dipping veggies or crackers into sauces, spreads, and dips makes healthy snacks much more enjoyable and tasty. The FUEL Snack'n Dip comes with a 5 oz. container to store snacks and a 2 oz. dipping compartment, making it easy to take nutritious treats on the go. A handy spreader is included snaps into the inner lid when not in use. From hummus and carrots to guacamole and chips to apples and peanut butter, the snacking options are endless!
Flo Tritan Bottle - Make sure the bottle is BPA free (Bisphenol A, an estrogen-like compound found in hard plastics that has been shown to cause developmental problems in infants and children). Here FUEL offers two fill’er up choices made of durable Tritan plastic or stainless steel.

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