Friday, April 29, 2016

ButterFeet For #MothersDay2016

This Mother’s Day help Mom extend the life of her pedicures! Between pedis, feet get scratchy and rough. But with the new ButterFeet Shower Foot Spa – the world’s first hands-free motorized shower foot exfoliator - Mom can always have buttery smooth feet (and extra pampering in the shower to boot!).
Here's how it works: As you shower, your feet are gently massaged without the straining or bending required of handheld tools. Simply touch each foot to the rotating device on the tub or shower floor. The exfoliator's surface has an abrasive diamond texture to break down hard calluses and dead skin on the soles. The spinning edge has a finer grit like a pumice stone for gently treating the sides of the foot. With each use her feet will feel revitalized, soft, and smooth as butter! An extra benefit: no mess - the dead skin simply washes down the drain. The ButterFeet Shower Foot Spa has a water-resistant construction and non-slip base for use in the shower or out, and a powerful, high speed motor. The power button is easily operated with a toe.

 Check it all out at ButterFeet on Facebook.

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