Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gnoments For #Valentines2016

Holding the title of partner, significant other, or spouse is an honor and privilege, but staying on that pedestal isn’t always an easy task. With Gnoments, there’s a fun and surprising way to enrich one’s relationship by creating special moments out of any ordinary day. From to-do lists and errands to meetings and business trips, keeping the magic alive in today’s busy world is more important than ever before. While grand is nice, it’s the little daily gestures and unexpected surprises that can put a smile on his face, a spring in her step, and an anticipatory thrill to the trek home. Gnoments are designed to bring people together, rediscovering and reveling in their love for one another. While their jolly big noses and eye-catching hats are a visual reminder to make time for one’s relationship, they’re capable of so much more. Embedded with an NFC chip, each gnome can be preprogrammed by any NFC-enabled smart phone to send text messages, maps and locations, and links to sound recordings, videos, and more. This opens up a whole new world of ways to make a connection - even on the most hectic days.
By using their Gnomifications system on their mobile friendly website, it only takes seconds to send an email or text. Launching a link to “your” song, a picture of that special night in Cabo, or a sexy teaser for what’s to come, can turn a humdrum day on its head. Gnomes are keepers of treasures, and these two little tricksters are happy to do the heavy lifting. Everyone loves a surprise, and their handy pouches are the perfect place to store a secret love note or small gift. This Valentine’s Day, why not hide a scintillating treat within its confines? There’s always a new way to kindle her heart when these two show up on the scene. The Gnoments Kit includes a boy and girl gnome as well as a 32-page illustrated story book that shows how to put these fun new friends to work. Gnoments launched in October of 2015 with the mission of fostering fun, thoughtfulness, and love in relationships in light of today’s busy lives. The gnomes in the Gnoments kit encourage and remind couples young and old to enjoy the moments, while the storybook is full of ideas to help them get started.

Check it all out at Gnoments on Facebook, as well as Gnoments on Twitter.

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