Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Orii Mono Collection

Food is art. Orii feels the same way about spices. Whether it’s the tiny marvel of the spice pod or the modern elegance of the mono-block, they’ve created an exciting new collection for every culinary artist; from budding chefs to masters in the kitchen. As a proud member of the American Spice Trade Association, all of the spices are carefully sourced from established and well-respected suppliers in the U.S., allowing Orii to provide you with the highest quality of spices from around the world. You’ll want to display these works of art in your kitchen. Orii is a division of Longden Enterprises, with the U.S. headquarters located in Baldwin Park, California. They are a trusted supplier of housewares products serving fine retailers and distributors around the globe. Family owned and operated since 1998.
The spice pod is a tiny marvel of design and engineering. Stylish and incredibly functional, they’ve re-invented the most compact spice jar on the market. Crystal clear, impact-resistant SAN window ports provide ease of identification and visibility. This also allows the majority of the spice to stay in the dark, preserving its flavor and color. The easy to remove cap allows you to sprinkle on one side for delicate amounts, or remove the hood completely for measured portions. Place a pod on the counter, and it won’t roll away. Stack them in a drawer, and you won’t even know they’re there. With its sleek, white design, you’ll never look at a spice jar the same way. The spice block is truly a miniature masterpiece. Each elegantly designed block is made of durable, premium glass construction and holds up to 3.5 oz. of refillable spices. The sleek white lid is easy to remove, allowing full access to a two stage dispensing method: sprinkle the spice through the inner-sift top or remove completely for measured portions. Perfectly stackable while simultaneously keeping visibility, your kitchen counters and cupboards will showcase a collection of culinary art.

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