Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Golden Platter All Natural Chicken

Making healthy choices is a priority for every family. At Golden Platter, for three generations, the family-run business has been proud to produce quality food products that make healthy choices convenient and delicious for all. That is why they are so excited to bring you the first line of Gluten Free-breaded, fully cooked, 100% breast meat products. Whether you are packing lunch for your children, serving finger food to your friends, or making a wholesome meal, the tender, flavorful juicy chicken is a quick, easy, worry free treat for absolutely anyone. Eat, enjoy, and feel the difference!
We tried the Gluten Free Chicken Patties. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, the products are allergen-free, produced without the use of artificial ingredients, hormones or preservatives, and are minimally processed. The Gluten-Free Chicken Patties are breaded with a savory blend of rice and corn flour and are certified GF by GFCO.

Check it all out at Golden Platter on Facebook, as well as Golden Platter on Twitter.

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