Friday, January 8, 2016

GlowCicle #2016NewYearNewProducts

Meet the only frozen party pop that glows in the dark! Perfect for the kid in you and the kids around you, the all-natural GlowCicle frozen treats keep/get your party glowing. They're a "party in a box" and are quickly becoming everyone's favorite party starter. Unique and patented side pouch holds glow stick (included), causing the entire treat to glow while you enjoy/eat. From birthdays to holidays - or just regular days, GlowCicle party pops keep kids of all ages entertained, especially when the lights go out.
 Unique to GlowCicle, they can even professionally personalize the wrapper to include a special note such as Happy Birthday Alyssa or Merry Christmas Joey. Best of all, after you enjoy your GlowCicle, simply remove the glow stick to make a glowing bracelet; or connect several to make necklaces, headbands and more! Six creative colors, one fantastic flavor. GlowCicle frozen treats come in a 6 natural colors to match any mood or party theme. They also created a delicious and super-secret, tropical fruit recipe as their refreshing trademark flavor. The mouthwatering blend features hints of real pineapple, orange, lime, cranberry, and Tahitian vanilla. Although they all share a common flavor blend, people think they taste different based on the colors. This in itself is a conversation starter, as people's taste buds play tricks on them based on the color! Depending on the color of pop, some people claim to taste watermelon, banana, cherry, cotton candy, or even blueberry!What flavor will you taste?

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