Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fla-Ver Candies

Fla-Ver Candies are unlike anything else out there and only a few calories! Each Fla-Ver candy is a delectable treat of natural flavors with just the right amount of crunch to tantalize. These candies will have any sophisticated palette craving for more. Choose tasty options like mint, lime chipotle, or coffee to name just a few. Fla-Ver candies are a delicious new twist of delightful treats for adults, which can come in individual packets, or an innovative, artistic Fla-Ver Candies Dispenser that will enliven any kitchen, executive office, foyer or desk! You can even brand the sleek, artisan-designed Fla-Ver dispensers with your own design, name or logo. Fla-Ver candies dispensers are very attractive with a durable glass container and sustainable bamboo base.
Fla-Ver Candies offer a complete sensory experience for your tongue with their satisfying crunch and delicious natural flavors - and they’re only a few calories! You’ll be popping these sweets like you’re a kid again, but you’ll maintain that adult sophistication. Fla-Ver Candies offers a range of flavors that grown-ups can truly appreciate, and kids love them, too! Try the Cherry, Peppermint or Pineapple Jalapeno!

Check it all out at Fla-Ver Candies on Facebook, as well as Fla-Ver Candies on Twitter.


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