Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lifeway Frozen Kefir Treats

Lifeway Foods, leaders in probiotic and nutritious foods, has a series of summer treats this year for everyone in the family, young and old! The Lifeway Frozen kefir bars come in great flavors like Green Tea Raspberry (the flavor we recieved) and Pear, and only have 60 calories per bar, while also offering 10 probiotics to help with digestion. For kids, the Frozen ProBugs are full of protein and calcium to help little ones grow.
Green Tea Raspberry Frozen Bars - With only 60 calories in each bar, Lifeway Frozen Kefir Bars are a tart n’ tangy super-food treat the whole family will love. All-Natural. 99% Lactose-Free. Gluten-Free. 10 Probiotic Cultures. 60 Calories Per Serving.
Strawnana Split ProBugs - Frozen Kefir is a creamy, nutritious, and delicious dessert that packs 10 live and active probiotic cultures. Made with all natural ingredients and packed with excellent sources of protein and calcium, your little ones will love this tart and tangy treat! All-Natural. 99% Lactose-Free. Gluten-Free. 10 Probiotic Cultures. High in Protein and Calcium.

Check it all out at Lifeway on Facebook, as well as Lifeway on Twitter.

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